1. Daninplymouth

    Mason Definition 2 Ultegra Di2

    Great bike, rides really nice. Just google the reviews and you’ll see how the journalists rave about the bike ( 1 actually bought one himself) Has ultegra di2, brand new unused hollowgram 35 carbon wheels + tyres, new chain, handle bars and tape, i also I have had fitted the Shimano Bluetooth...
  2. Polocini


    Now sold. Thanks
  3. nlmkiii

    Cube Agree GTC with di2. 54cm frame

    Dear all, I‘m selling myCube that is 8 years old. Its in good condition. It has new Shimano RS wheels, new derailleur jockey wheels Fitted in March this year. I’ve ridden it once since. I have all original paperwork Asking Price: £400 delivered. Will include the standard post as well. Payment...
  4. Proto

    Pair of Ultegra Di2 shifters

    As above, pair of Ultegra 6770 Di2 shifters for 2x10 or 2x11 set up. Look identical to my eye to the later 6870 shifter apart from not having the third e-tube port for sprint buttons Very decent condition, couple of very minor marks. I’ll get some photos up later £65 posted
  5. pclay

    Shimano RD-6870 rear derailleur di2 - faulty

    I've got a faulty Di2 Shimano RD-6870 rear derailleur, medium cage. the item is faulty. The derailleur causes the di2 battery to go flat in a couple of days. My local bike shop did a diagnostic test, and found that this derailleur was the cause of my flat battery issues. The derailleur...
  6. IBarrett

    DI2 internal battery terminal

    There is a brass terminal on the internal BT-DN110 battery which nothing seems to connect to. Does anyone know what this is for?
  7. B

    For Sale: S-Works Tarmac SL7 - Dura Ace DI2 (size 56) RRP £11,500

    S-Works Tarmac SL7 - Dura Ace DI2 (size 56) Looking for £8,500 Bought in July 2021 from Specialized RRP £11,500 (proof of purchase can be provided) The bike is immaculate. Never ridden on the road, only used on a home trainer direct to chain Dura Ace pedals can be included for a fair price...
  8. JoeyB


    Hi, Does anyone know why I wouldnt be able to use a Shimano 10spd cassette lock ring on a Shimano 11spd cassette? The 11spd cassette has an 11t small ring, and the 10spd lock ring will come from a cassette that also had an 11t small ring. I've just picked up a second hand 11-32t cassette minus...
  9. Sittingduck

    Di2 transfer to a different bike

    Greetings people I would like to remove Di2 from a Giant Propel and install it into Giant Defy Advanced (currently with conventional gearing). Both bikes have internal cable routing as you would expect. Is there anything I should consider carefully before ripping apart the Propel? I am...
  10. Milzy

    Di2 partial groupset.

    My shimano groupset is a mixture of R8000 & Dura ace. Next year I want to be electric shifting. I don’t need a full groupset so what’s the cheapest route? I’m thinking Ultegra Di2 shifters & front/rear mech. Battery. Where is best to get the partial group-set I’ll need? Or would it be better to...
  11. Daninplymouth

    DI2 cable advice

    Hi, I have my DI2 with the bar end junction box thing. I am looking to add the wireless module to this to sit inside the handlebars. Any idea what length cable to order? Do I go for the complete opposite side of the handlebars or should I get a short lead and click it in just behind what I have...
  12. JoeyB

    11 speed Di2 Cables Wanted

    Hi, I'm in the middle of a Di2 upgrade and need some cable lengths if anyone has any of the following? 600mm x3 1200mm x 1 Cheers Joe
  13. J

    Di2 charger wanted...

    ...if anyone has one going spare then I'd be happy to buy.👍
  14. JhnBssll

    *SOLD* - My custom Di2 Brompton - £1,200

    Hi all, My custom Brompton is sadly for sale. The build thread is over in the projects section here. A brief summary of the spec is as follows: 2005 Brompton frame, customised heavily with v-brake bosses added to improve braking over standard Brommies and the rear triangle cold set to accept a...
  15. adyc

    Scott CR1 Premium Di2 size 54

    Used but in great condition 2014 carbon frame size 54 with Vision C45 carbon rims with almost new conti 5000 25mm tyres Ultegra Di2 10 speed New chain and cassette fitted late summer 2020 Always serviced regularly. A perfect upgrade or starter bike Based in Wisbech, Cambs £1500 ono Can also...
  16. DSK

    Cannondale CAAD-13 disc 105 upgrade to Di2

    I've just had a Cannondale CAAD-13 105 disc delivered from Broadribb Cycles. I really liked my old 2010 Trek aluminium bike and wanted another despite being very happy with the carbon Giant bikes. The CAAD-13 sounded like its right up my street. The price of the 2021 model has jumped quite a...
  17. DSK

    SOLD - Giant TCR Upgraded Di2

    GIANT TCR ADVANCED 3 - ULTEGRA 6870 DI2 - SIZE L FRAME : Giant Advanced Grade Composite FORKS : Carbon Advanced Grade Composite SIZE : L (suits 5'11 and above) GROUPSET : Upgraded to Shimano Ultegra Di2 6870 11 speed including brakes. Original charger included. HANDLEBARS : Ness Aero Carbon...
  18. dave147

    Di2 road bike

    It’s my 40th bday this year thinking of treating my self to a di2 road bike what would you guys recommend been looking at ribble. I have. 2016 giant defy 0 at the mo thanks for any help Dave
  19. Lozi

    Modern Groupset On Old MTB? Di2 Even?

    I am at roughly 4000 miles on my 2010 Kona Cindercone (3000 logged since getting strava) on the original drivetrain and its pretty tired to say the least so after this winter i am debating getting a whole new groupset for it, its currently Deore 9 speed 3x with XT hubs. Can this bike accept a...
  20. F

    Hybrid bike with Di2 shifters?

    I seem to be having one of my stupidity attacks this morning, and can't find what I'm looking for on t'internet. After a lifetime of racing (on & off road), touring, and mostly training :laugh: , my increasingly arthritic joints will no longer tolerate riding a road racing bike for very long...
  21. Dan77

    Di2 Wireless Connectivity

    Looking at the options for getting the most out of Ultegra Di2 8070 It seems that out of the box it works well but lacks some of the clever functionality that is possible. Such as displaying gears, synchro and battery level on your head unit and programming the hidden buttons on the hood tops...
  22. IBarrett

    Giant Defy 6770 di2 help wanted

    Do you have a Giant Defy with Ultegra 6770 di2 - the one with the external battery slung under a chainstay. I would like to add di2 to my 2014 bike and am looking for help on cable routing so would just like to pick someone’s brain when I start the project. If you can help please drop me a...
  23. pclay

    Di2 woes, and a couple of questions

    Hi For the past year or so, the battery on my Ultegra Di2 bike has been going from fully charged to flat in the space of about 4 days. Riding the bike just meant I had to charge the battey the day before the ride. The bike has done 5000 miles and the groupset is Ultegra 6770 6870 from 2016. I...
  24. russ.will

    SOLD: KTM Revelator Sky Di2 57cm Frameset - £500.

    KTM Revelator Sky Di2 57cm Frameset Inc F8 full carbon fork. Never crashed or dropped. A few minor marks from year round use.Renamed Prime in current model range, its also the same frame as the Canic CXC gravel/cross bike, although that was never sold with a Di2 option. - Flat mount calipers...
  25. PaulSB

    Di2 Battery Position

    A friend has a problem with her Di2 not charging, no light showing etc. Nothing happening at all. During discussion on this I discovered the battery is installed in the seat post. A cable runs from a charging point in the right hand bar end to the battery. If the battery is small enough to...
  26. russ.will

    Enigma Evoke Di2

    To save an ultra long OP, I'll just post this link to my Google Sites Evoke page. I'm a wordy bugger and enjoy sitting on holiday and writing as opposed to reading. I will leave some sample Ti porn below though. For anybody brave enough to wade through the website, the last page is the one with...
  27. Nomadski

    Di2 issue on last ride

    Went out for a ride yesterday on my Dolan with Di2 and all was going well until we stopped under a bridge to get some respite from some heavy rain. When I got back on the bike I pedalled and the gears sort of 'crunched' when I changed it down. Didn't like the sound but afterwards they seemed...
  28. Justinslow

    SOLD (subject to payment) Planet X Ec130e Di2 aero carbon medium Black

    Selling my Planet X Ec 130e carbon aero road bike due to lack of use, Medium frame size Shimano Ultegra 6870 Di2 electronic shifting 11 speed Ultegra 6800 52/36 crankset 172.5 Ultegra 6800 12-25 cassette Ultegra 6800 brakes Dura ace 901 chain Fizik Arione R5 manganese Superstar Elite 30...
  29. kingrollo

    Ultegra DI2 disc pad replacement

    Any tips on how to perform this task - and what pads to buy - its ultegra di2 about 2 years old usually get shop to do it - but he has closed down and everywhere else really busy - any help appreciated
  30. DSK

    Di2 Front Shifter - not springing back - fix or replace?

    I was giving the bike a once over on the weekend and noticed, that somehow, whilst the bike has ben parked up in the garage, the left hand side shifter for the front mech has an issue. It still works fine and allows you to switch between the cogs. However, when you shift onto the small ring...
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