1. Lozi

    Modern Groupset On Old MTB? Di2 Even?

    I am at roughly 4000 miles on my 2010 Kona Cindercone (3000 logged since getting strava) on the original drivetrain and its pretty tired to say the least so after this winter i am debating getting a whole new groupset for it, its currently Deore 9 speed 3x with XT hubs. Can this bike accept a...
  2. F

    Hybrid bike with Di2 shifters?

    I seem to be having one of my stupidity attacks this morning, and can't find what I'm looking for on t'internet. After a lifetime of racing (on & off road), touring, and mostly training :laugh: , my increasingly arthritic joints will no longer tolerate riding a road racing bike for very long...
  3. Dan77

    Di2 Wireless Connectivity

    Looking at the options for getting the most out of Ultegra Di2 8070 It seems that out of the box it works well but lacks some of the clever functionality that is possible. Such as displaying gears, synchro and battery level on your head unit and programming the hidden buttons on the hood tops...
  4. IBarrett

    Giant Defy 6770 di2 help wanted

    Do you have a Giant Defy with Ultegra 6770 di2 - the one with the external battery slung under a chainstay. I would like to add di2 to my 2014 bike and am looking for help on cable routing so would just like to pick someone’s brain when I start the project. If you can help please drop me a...
  5. pclay

    Di2 woes, and a couple of questions

    Hi For the past year or so, the battery on my Ultegra Di2 bike has been going from fully charged to flat in the space of about 4 days. Riding the bike just meant I had to charge the battey the day before the ride. The bike has done 5000 miles and the groupset is Ultegra 6770 6870 from 2016. I...
  6. russ.will

    SOLD: KTM Revelator Sky Di2 57cm Frameset - £500.

    KTM Revelator Sky Di2 57cm Frameset Inc F8 full carbon fork. Never crashed or dropped. A few minor marks from year round use.Renamed Prime in current model range, its also the same frame as the Canic CXC gravel/cross bike, although that was never sold with a Di2 option. - Flat mount calipers...
  7. PaulSB

    Di2 Battery Position

    A friend has a problem with her Di2 not charging, no light showing etc. Nothing happening at all. During discussion on this I discovered the battery is installed in the seat post. A cable runs from a charging point in the right hand bar end to the battery. If the battery is small enough to...
  8. russ.will

    Enigma Evoke Di2

    To save an ultra long OP, I'll just post this link to my Google Sites Evoke page. I'm a wordy bugger and enjoy sitting on holiday and writing as opposed to reading. I will leave some sample Ti porn below though. For anybody brave enough to wade through the website, the last page is the one with...
  9. Nomadski

    Di2 issue on last ride

    Went out for a ride yesterday on my Dolan with Di2 and all was going well until we stopped under a bridge to get some respite from some heavy rain. When I got back on the bike I pedalled and the gears sort of 'crunched' when I changed it down. Didn't like the sound but afterwards they seemed...
  10. Justinslow

    SOLD (subject to payment) Planet X Ec130e Di2 aero carbon medium Black

    Selling my Planet X Ec 130e carbon aero road bike due to lack of use, Medium frame size Shimano Ultegra 6870 Di2 electronic shifting 11 speed Ultegra 6800 52/36 crankset 172.5 Ultegra 6800 12-25 cassette Ultegra 6800 brakes Dura ace 901 chain Fizik Arione R5 manganese Superstar Elite 30...
  11. kingrollo

    Ultegra DI2 disc pad replacement

    Any tips on how to perform this task - and what pads to buy - its ultegra di2 about 2 years old usually get shop to do it - but he has closed down and everywhere else really busy - any help appreciated
  12. DSK

    Di2 Front Shifter - not springing back - fix or replace?

    I was giving the bike a once over on the weekend and noticed, that somehow, whilst the bike has ben parked up in the garage, the left hand side shifter for the front mech has an issue. It still works fine and allows you to switch between the cogs. However, when you shift onto the small ring...
  13. Dave 123

    Cube Agree GTC with di2. 54cm frame

    Dear all, I‘m selling myCube that is 8 years old. Its in good condition. It has new Shimano RS wheels, new derailleur jockey wheels Fitted in March this year. I’ve ridden it once since. I have all original paperwork, it’s been featured many times on this site. £750 £750
  14. DSK

    (wanted) Shimano Di2 Upgrade Kit (6870 or R8050)

    Wanted Shimano DI2 upgrade kit with internal battery (6870 or R8050) for rim brakes. Chain rings, cassette are not necessary. Must be in good condition and full working order. Happy to travel for collection.
  15. jay clock

    what model are my Di2 shifters

    My right hand hood is decaying. It is Ultegra Di2 but when I peel back the hood I can only see this reference. Am I looking in the wrong place. I don't want to peel too much or it will rip apart. I am guessing ST6870. Rim brakes on 2015 Vitus Vitesse
  16. BianchiVirgin

    New Di2 upgrade

    New replacement parts arrived today so I got stuck in to the upgrade to R8050 Di2 Ultegra from 6800 Ultegra. First off with the old derailleurs but I left the inner cables in the frame in case I needed fish wires. Cranks off and BB removed to get access to the frame. The BB area will house the...
  17. DSK

    Thoughts - To Di2/SRAM or sell

    I was lucky enough a little while ago to add a bike to my fleet that I have kept quiet about. 2013/2014 Giant TCR Advanced with a Shimano Ultegra (6870? correct me if I'm wrong) DI2 conversion. I only bought as it has a very healthy DI2 system and also its a bike I lusted after for quite some...
  18. Ridgeway

    Di2 anomaly (battery issue ?)

    Wondered if anyone can shed some light on a Di2 issue i've been experiencing. Bike is approx 9 months old, around 4k km covered so in theory should have been possible with a single battery charge. 3 times now i've had what seems like a dead battery. The first time i just assumed the battery...
  19. pclay

    Di2 front derailleur adjustment

    Hi I have a Cannonade synapse 2016 with Ultegra Di2 gearing. Over the last year I have had problems with shifting on the front derailleur. The front derailleur is over shifting and causing the chain to come of on the outside of the chain ring. It started when going downhill and in 50/11...
  20. Marchaugh

    Fitting Shimano SW-R610 Di2 sprint shifters to Dura Ace R9170 Hydraulic Levers

    I just received a new S-Works Venge from my insurance company as a replacement for my Venge Vias which got smashed up. Both bikes have Dura Ace Di2 but on my old one I had sprint shifters but the new one didn't come with any. I took them off my old bike thinking I could just transfer them...
  21. G

    Is Di2 worth the extra money

    Looking at upgrading my current Giant advanced defy to one of the two bikes pictured below. The only difference I can see between them is the tyres and Di2 and wondered if people think that’s worth the difference in price. Actually prefer it in red too but would love some thoughts
  22. bridgy

    **SOLD**: 2017 Cervelo S3 Disc Di2

    Posting on behalf of a friend who is selling his size 56 2017 Cervelo S3 Disc Di2 including Stages Power meter. Reluctantly selling due to new bike purchase. Just returned from a full service. A few scuffs/wear on the crank arms, but apart from that the bike is in superb condition. Frame -...
  23. kingrollo

    Di2 replacing battery

    Any tips for replacing di2 battery ? - how to avoid it going way up the seat post ? Will I need to download etube project - or will it pick up some default settings (previous battery died - replaced under warranty)
  24. D

    Di2 internal battery BTR2 - sold

    Removed from a new bike/unused. £60 plus postage please
  25. JhnBssll

    Low-cost Di2 upgrade

    I bought my wife a Bianchi Dama Via Nirone 7 for christmas, an eBay bargain. It's in great condition with 9 speed Sora groupset and she really likes the bike, with one minor issue. Her right hand is very weak, not very dexterous and slightly smaller than her left hand. If you didn't know you...
  26. gmw492

    Di2 in the sales ...is it worth it

    Hi all, I have never really bothered about Di2 due to the price increase from a Ultegra mechanical to Di2. Now however in the sales there is not a big jump in price as it's varaible at around £150 to £200 difference now at my LBS, started looking at videos on it and semi shifting and once set...
  27. CXRAndy

    Alfine Di2 11/8

    Im mulling the idea of converting my SS Genesis Day One to an Alfine 11 speed. Ultimately go to make it a touring bike, its got Topeak panniers/bags, dynamo lights, Shimano Di2 hydraulic brakes I fitted. What I would like to know is those who run an Alfine Di2, what advantage over a...
  28. ryan_w

    Probably the Best 1x Groupset You'll Ever See - Dura Ace Di2 w/ Powermeter & CeramicSpeed

    I've jumped on to the SRAM 12 speed bandwagon hence you lucky bunch have the opportunity to buy this lot. This has been put together without cutting any corners and no expense spared: Dura Ace R9100-P power meter (£1,300) WolfTooth 44T chainring (£85) CeramicSpeed Coated PF30 Shimano bottom...
  29. BigTam

    Cannondale Synapse carbon Disc Ultergra Di2 (SOLD)

    Selling my Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc Ultra Di2, 2017 model, size 54cm, but has only done a couple of hundred miles, due to me having an ACL and meniscus injury and subsequent op. I am back cycling but using my BMC cross. I have upgraded the wheels to Kysirium Elite Disc, these too are...
  30. adscrim

    2017 Giant Propel Advanced Pro, Ultegra Di2, Planet X CT45 full carbon tubs.

    As above - Propel frameset (integrated seatpost) built with Ultegra Di2 6870 groupset and Planet X CT45 45mm carbon tubs. Frame and components have light usage marks. The most notable being some marks on the seatpost from the seat collar. Frame was purchase second hand from RM cycles in Kent...
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