Modern Groupset On Old MTB? Di2 Even?


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I am at roughly 4000 miles on my 2010 Kona Cindercone (3000 logged since getting strava) on the original drivetrain and its pretty tired to say the least so after this winter i am debating getting a whole new groupset for it, its currently Deore 9 speed 3x with XT hubs. Can this bike accept a modern 11 speed group?

Now for the more complex question, i have noticed modern MTB groups have tiny chainrings which won't suit me at all could i run a GRX 2x 48/31 crankset and derailleur with MTB shifters and 11 speed XT setup at the rear?

I plan to wheel and deal and cobble together a load of components over winter so could i feasibly run the above but Di2? would the MTB Di2 shifter be compatible with the GRX derailleur?

I realise it would be worth more than the bike but i am very attached to the old girl and i will never replace it.


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I went from 7 speed STX to 10 speed XT on 90s MTB, new back wheel required, not sure on 9 to 11 speed.
Kept triple on front for old times sake.


I've got a 1x10 Deore M6000 setup on my 2007 Trek. Works a treat, could have fitted an 11 speed groupset but didn't fancy the extra expense on a bike that I don't use that often and if I did would probably get a new bike anyway.


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If it's a Shimano hub, you'll need a new one. I know Mavic hubs will take 11 speed, and sme others, but Shimano in their wisdom meant you needed a new hub.

I'm still 3 x 7 on my old Diamond Back, although the wheels are newer and would take 11. I did change the original Deore LX chainset for a later one as the cranks were tatty - got a crazy cheap deal on a complete Deore LX chainset that was less than a replacement ring, but even these chainrings are getting hard to find - ebay's looking about £40 plus for a 44T.

If you go to 10 you'd still be able to keep the mechs (assuming they are OK). I'm running XT rear mech and cantis.


Should fit, I’m running a 3x10 on my 2007 S Works Epic with the original 9 speed XTR crankset, front mech but with 10 speed rear cassette and Sram XO rear mech, works perfectly
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