Is it possible to freeze Guinness


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Or should I ask - is it possible for Guinness (Canned) to freeze at the bottom of a fridge (assuming the thermostat has been turned up to 11)


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Don't know about tins of Guinness but I have forgotten about bottled beer I've been shock cooling in the freezer and come back to a very lumpy looking drink.


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Guinness contains alcohol, so shouldn't freeze until it gets well below zero.

If it does freeze, I presume that it would go the way of any fizzy beverage - flat and horrible.
It is mostly water but the alcohol will lower the freezing point.

There are two areas -
What happends to the drink itself
What happens to the can

As Frozen water is a fair bit bigger than the water that made it I think it should pop the can open unless the can expands out a bit to take it.


The can will presumably be under pressure which should lower the melting point a bit.

I kept a can of lager in the freezer a bit too long over the weekend. The contents were liquid until I opened the can at which point they started to freeze, so I ended up with a slush puppy type affair. I've seen the same happen with bottles too.


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Without wishing to cause offence - it's rubbish stuff in the first place :rolleyes:


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When I leave beer in the freezer for too long (just aiming to speed up the cooling) the bottle top gets pushed off causing a sticky mess and much nagging.
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