Is there a dedicated tool to hold this slotted `nut` from spinning while unscrewing- for removing chain rings? See photo.

Initial thoughts are use a screw driver. The thing is when these are tightened up, a screw driver could not really be used because the `male` part is flush up to the line where a screw driver would be placed. So, in reality there is only a small slot either side to hold the `nut` from rotating while undoing. They have never been off, and someone has probably over tightened these when this bike was originally put together. I have managed to "crack" them but both parts are rotating when using the Allen key. :thumbsdown:

I am relying on you good people for advice.
Thank you:notworthy:


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Yes, but here's a bodge:
I've found you can normally engage one slot (ie on one side of the bolt) with a bladed screwdriver and get the bolt pretty tight that way, finishing off with the nut held by friction. Am searching for the CycleChat thread which has an image of the 'special tool'.
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Shoes have a metal plate, about 10 cm long, between inner sole and basis hardboard, that holds the height difference front/back
The thickness is so that it snugs nicely in the slotted nut of the chainring bolts, it has sharp not rounded edges and it's a strong plate. Price is zero if you find old shoes for zero.


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Is aluminium/thread a good idea for chainring bolts?
No idea - I'll leave that to the experts. I just used those an an example.
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