Is there a hot and cold tap convention??


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In my house, it's hot on the left and cold on the right ... I think that's pretty much standard.

But in my girlfriend's house it's hot on the right and cold on the left - so when I'm at her place in the hot weather I sometimes draw myself a nice, big, refreshing glass of ... hot water! xx(

I wonder if there is actually an "official" convention, or we just tend to put them hot/left, cold/right out of habit.


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Whoever plumbed your girlfriend's house was a numpty. It happens surprisingly often.


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hot left, cold right on all sinks


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The convention is Hot Left, Cold Right

It works on the Naval Rule of "Port is Red"

And all good seamen know that no matter how much you drink, port is still red, and also the reason why port is always passed clockwise around the table (to the Port/Left).
For landlubbers the way to remeber it is red is port, port has 4 letters so does Left.

There is logic to this set up, as most people are right handed and in days of yore for those with indoor plumbing the (cold water) pump would be on right of the sink so that you could use the lever, the hot water tank off the back of the range was therefore on the left


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I can honestly say I have never given any thought whatsoever to this and have just had to go and check!!.

Kitchen-- Hot left, cold right
Bathroom sink+bath-- Hot right, cold left :wacko:
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