Isle of Man TT


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Not brave really; they just leave their brains back at the hotel.


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No fear. :biggrin:
I always have mixed emotions when it is on as a friend from uni who was on his placement on the IOM was killed by a bike when he was riding pillion on a friends bike and they were hit.
It must take a certain mentality to do it, a lot of the track riders won't do it as it is so dangerous.


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It's the sidecar racers that give me the willies. And the sheer unevenness of the TT course at 210MPH. In close proximity to dry stone walls.

Motorbike racers are, generally speaking, a sandwich short. My B-I-L, who races speedway, has broken his back three times- he's 4 inches shorter than he was when he was 19- and various other legs/arms/wrists/collarbones at various points in his career. Will he give up?


Another friend still razzes around on a 25-odd year old RD350LC (the renault 5GT turbo of the motorbike world) with scars that make me feel queazy.


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i went last year to watch, its truly amazing the speeds those boys/girls get up to. i rode down bray hill on my motorbike at about 40mph and thought it was a bit bumpy the superbikes do about 170mph down it. its a fantastic thing to see if any of you get the chance to go, its well worth it.


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A woman who used to have a stall at Hebden Bridge market was on crutches for over a year after suffering a very badly broken leg. I got chatting to her and she told me that she'd been lucky to keep the leg after a bad smash at the Isle of Man TT.

Turned out that she hadn't been riding - she was just a spectator in the wrong place at the wrong time and got hit by a crashing rider! :ohmy:


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My (sadly late) old school pal in the IOM left a widow whose face looks like she got hit by a TT rider; I don't rate her chances of remarrying, unfortunately.
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