Isn't it scary and exciting when you meet people from the past


Tonight i went down to a newly opened pub that's just opened. Very nice atmosphere as i drank my pint. Looking at the landlady it niggled me as to i knew her from somewhere but i couldn't place it in my aging memory.
Plucking up the courage i mentioned to her that i knew her and sure enough we went to the same school. She then said you probably know my husband.
When he appeared i instantly recognised him but couldn't remember his name. After a few minutes i twigged on who he was. An old friend from many years ago.
It was really nice to meet and see him again after so many years. Obviously his looks and memory was in better health than mine. We where old school friends and motorcyclist buddies when we were young.After reminiscing he then introduced me to a group of fellow people in the pub who were also long lost friends from the past. I couldn't believe these where all good friends from the past!! It just proves to show what time does to you.
I would of walked past these people many times in the street with out realising who they are.
After the embarrassing introductions and realising who was who, it was great to catch up once again with long lost friends.
Talking like this really brings home how much I'm getting older lol.
apologise for any bad typos as I've had a few beers tonight :smile:))


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I seem to be seeing more people I was at school with of late. Some have changed entirely, but not me it seems.

That last day at school, junior or secondary, and most just "vanished" when we walked out of the school.


On the flip side i spent a few yrs getting as far away as i could from a lot of people i dont want to meet again:laugh:

But yes it's great seeing old friends.

I'm still very good friends with a few from my youth who are true friends "the sort who'd put you up if you needed help" and meet up a few times a yr.
It's funny how some people you meet in life are always the same, you dont see them for ages and its as though you saw them last week. No weird silence moments just a mutual liking of each other and an at ease feeling.


I seem to be seeing more people I was at school with of late. Some have changed entirely, but not me it seems.

That last day at school, junior or secondary, and most just "vanished" when we walked out of the school.
It's true what you say some of the ones I've never seen again go back a long way.
From the 1st day of nursery to the last day of secondary. Some lived in the same street years later one got left her Grandfather's house so now lives back round the corner from her mum. When I see her kids I often think just like your mum and can't help remember being back at school. I've another who also needed up moving house and lives near by too.

Funny how things turn out though one of my mates from school was not a really close one and we lost touch after uni he looked me up and now we are close friends. The ones who no matter what come running and we've supported each other though some pretty bad stuff over the years.


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I har a similar incident in the week. In the early 90s I knew a female bobby in Milton keynes, not seen her since may 95 when I transferred to another force. The last week I flew to Shetland and she collared me as I was coming out of a pub in Lerwick. Separated by a quarter a century in time and over 700 miles in space.

I'm pretty sure that some pubs are a type of TARDiS in that regard.


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FB has allowed me to reunite with lots of old friends and it's generally nice to catch up and chat. Always sad to hear about common friends who didn't make it this far though :-(

The people FB suggests I might know that I actually do know but don't ever want to talk to, I just ignore.

The system works well :-)


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I used to see school friends occasionally when i went out on the beer. One of them who i hadn't seen for 20 years, went up to him and said the usual "hi mate, remember me? Andy?" And he just said "oh yeah" and walked off! I'm only in touch with one good mate from school now, and he's just moved to Yorkshire. My few real friends now are all from work


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Nice thread @johnnyb47 .
I left the area where I grew up when the council knocked our house down for the new Mersey Tunnel (it was new then) and I was approx 17 at the time.
4 years later I was married and moved well away.
I often think about some of the teenagers I knew at school. Tried FB with no success (maybe I'm not doing it right.....I actually dont like FB).
I do have one friend from back then and this is a strange one. We re-connected about 7 years back when I was a young 65. Turns out he was getting married again and he asked me to be best man. A lovely day and all 4 of us are in regulat contact.


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I sometime look back at the friends and people I have known over the years and then realise 90% of them are now dead and wonder how long it will be before I join the list.
I went back to the Wirral for a visit......must be 25-30 years ago and bumped into and old class mate who then aged 45-50 still lived in the house he was born in. So, I you ever see......
1)Ian Tomlinson?...... DEAD.
2)Phil Edwards? DEAD. Hung his head over the bath and slit his throat when his wife found about his affair.
3) A another (cant recall the name) DEAD. went to Australia and got hit by a truck.
I was quite depressed by then:rolleyes:


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Nice story @johnnyb47

I was at the checkout in Sainsbury’s last year and a man came up to me and said Willy?, I looked at him for a bit and said Randy? It was an old school friend I hadn’t seen for over 25 years.
He lives in the next village to me, 2 miles away!
Just to clear things up, we had Nicknames back then, my surname is Williams and his surname is Randerson!

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It must be forty years since I last bumped into someone I went to school with and I had drifted apart from schoolfriends very quickly after leaving. I had got seriously into cycling and the club I was in had a lot of people round about my age and because of the common interest a lot of us became social friends too.

It was so easy to lose contact with people before the internet, all it took was one change of address and someone was gone out of your life forever.
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