It’s Christmas!

I think they are all year round now.

Thankfully. :smile:
And other than the cross, they're no different from plain buns.

In fact, there's not many places that sell plain buns these days. Waitrose is one of the few that do IIRC - except they're called sticky buns.


Smutmaster General
Each time I go into my local supermarket (which has Xmas wrapping paper already by the tills, and tartan boxes of shortbread etc on the shelves) I seem to overhear a mother and daughter combo (diff ones each time) discussing what they can get for who for Xmas. I feel like going up to them and saying 'Look, there's a whole world of nature's beauty on your doorstep. Forget Xmas for a while, go for a walk in the countryside. The beach is but 15 mins drive away. It's beautiful. Go there'. But I fear my pleas may fall on deaf ears. :sad:
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