IT Spare Parts


I have a number of computer bits and pieces I have accumulated over the years and wondered if there is a market for this sort of thing? I would have to put together a detailed list, but I have:-

Dell Laptop (6 yrs old, still working obviously but memory not great).

A couple of separate Dell CD slimline external disc drives one read only the other is a read/write one.

A small monitor (my old work one, so I know it's good)

Various odds and sods (mice, keyboards, etc).

I was going to chuck them out, but if I can make a few quid out of them it would make sense to sell them. Any ideas?


ebay them, and see what you get.
Always worth an ebay, someone somewhere is in dire need of a read only slim cd drive :sad:

We had a clear at work last year and found a box of ancient token ring network cards (10+ years past their heyday nobody in their right mind would use them...) but one buyer bought all eleven of them. We had no idea that they could possibly be useful to anyone, but glad we auctioned them as it paid for quite a lot of christmas drinks!
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