It took a long time but I recovered a stolen bike!


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I think the guy was probably offered the bike cheap and knew it must be dodgy. He couldn't have bought it online either.
He then rode it for a few years and when he decided to sell took off the distinctive wheels and cranks to sell it. They were also the most expensive parts and probably easy to sell on.
I dont think he stole it and I doubt it was stolen to order as it was probably the only day I ever had a bike in the house. Which did fuel the paranoia even more though.
However, I still have absolutely no idea what went on really.

He looks too tall to be riding it


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He clearly new it was stolen and may even have been more involved.Why else would he lie about where he got it from?

I think people who buy anything knowing it is stolen or no questions asked are worse than the people who actually do the stealing.


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Its an interesting story. It makes you realise what a good living you could make by stealing a few road bikes, swaping the parts and selling them on. Turn up and look repectable. His mistake was selling it close to home.


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I've actually got previous at finding bikes. Another one took about three years. I had a mtb frame stolen. I kept searching and it turned up on the bike radar forum. I messaged the seller and he had bought it off ebay for £80 listed as a bmx frame. He sent me all the info and the police investigated but the ebay seller said he bought it at a car boot sale and as he had no previous convictions they couldn't do anything.
The lad who had bought it on ebay was an absolute gent and offered to return it as it was still technically owned by me. I wasn't arsed as I just wanted to break the legs of the original thief.
He built it up in the end and we actually ended up going for a ride in Wales!

This was that frame:

Again I was 'lucky in that the paint on the frame wasn't in the most popular colour and I'm a short arse so there aren't that many small frames about.

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