Its funny how bike rides turn out


Hi and hope you're all well.
Tonight i was just planning on going out on one of my mundane solo rides of around 15 miles, but as we know cycling can take unexpected detours sometimes.
I was about 7 miles into my ride when a cyclist turned in front of me. For a few miles i rode around 50 metres back until i realised it was a good friend. Catching up with him, we had a good chat along the lanes and my ride turned from 15 miles into 55. The mundane solo ride had suddenly turned into a great ride out, and ended up getting back home gone 10pm tonight, with the front light giving up just metres from home. That's one thing i really enjoy about cycling. You can ride many times and nothing untoward happens, but then one ride comes along and your routine gets turned on its head.
A very pleasant evening of cycling tonight with great company
:okay: result.


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This is the good thing about cycling, one plan rolls into another. Also, this shows the social side of our hobby/sport.


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I was cycling through netherlands last week and kept getting lost on way from south rotterdam to dordrecht. A very lovely old gent stopped to help and cycled with me for 5 miles to show me the best way to where I needed to go. Had a great old chat with him. It was a warm day and I had already cycled 40 miles with 14kg backpack on so he saved me from further misery. Made my day that a stranger could be so kind.


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You were cycling while wearing a rucsac? Your poor bum!
Yep. Decided to go on the racing bike and not the hybrid on which I have panniers. Wasnt too bad on the cooler days.
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