Its nearly getting time to get the Mountain bike out again


After a great summer of road bike riding its now getting ever closer to getting the MTB out again for the winter months. My road bike is always kept in perfect condition and spotlessly clean and the thought of getting it caked in filthy country lane winter muck is not for me. The Mtb on the other hand is a real strong mud plugger that can take the rougher quieter back roads, which i feel much more comfortable on in the dark winter nights.
I'm really looking forward to a change of riding style this winter. After spending the summer months pounding the main roads on the road bike it will be a nice change to explore some new secluded places on the Mtb. For me this is what makes cycling so great. As the seasons change we can also change our cycling plans and styles and explore new places along the way.
All the best :+)))


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winter bike and all that
I think about changing what I'm doing this time of year, simply for the change itself. I used to go running but it seems to end up with more injuries these days than running time. I won't not ride the bike, because as Ian says, there's some glorious winter days but I do tend to do less and most of my miles are April until October. This time of the year the bike lives inside as well so I can put it on the turbo if I want.

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I like mixing up my cycling.
Road bike is the mile muncher, although not ridden it for a while, (Mr M has been using it since I took off the clippy pedals). :dry:
The Pashley is the main toddling bike (my usual style of cycling). Did take it off-road a few times and did ok, slippy in the mud though.
Looking forward to taking MTB to a good trail and seeing how we both do :smile:


Absolutely. There can be some great winter days were the road bike will often be used, but for me personally i don't enjoy cycling along busy dark winter A roads after work which is when i do most of my cycling. I much prefer to take the quieter back lane's were theres hardly any traffic. The only problem with the back lane's around here are that there absolutely filthy and pot holed ridden which doesn't do a road bike any favours with its skinny tyre's and lightweight frame. The old mountain bike has got suspension and thick strong wheels/tyres to take more of a beating. It will come home most nights completely plastered in mud (and me lol)
I really enjoy road bike riding but only in the summer months. I just feel more safer on the A roads in the summer when the weather is better and its generally lighter.
Changing my cycling habits in the winter to a mtb also keeps my interest in cycling alive and interesting too . Im looking forward to finding new places to explore that i would not do on my road bike. Come spring time i will be itching once again to get the road bike out for sure. Its all good fun this cycling lark and it's doesn't matter what type of bikes we use. Just so long we are enjoying it, that's all that really matters :=))


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Didn't use my winter roadie at all last winter, did everything on the 29er, came out of winter feeling far stronger than I had in previous years. 30 miles on the MTB with a large amount off road is worth double the miles I'd have to do on the roadie. But each to their own, depends if you live in a place with some decent local tracks and back roads.
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