its the logo and not the lycra that makes me look silly...


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ok, so im still pretty new to this world im finding myself submerged into a world of cycling clubs and a more hardcore fitness plan so forgive my ignorance but..

i thought id get myself a "proper cycling top and shorts" although im still not sure what you wear under those shorts as they havnt arrived yet but im not wearing a jock-strap...

so search gear i saw a black and yellow livestrong top, really liked it, looks cool, yellow is safe and cash goes to a good cause but this lead to to many threads..

Cyclist that are image concious in there lycra, this to me came as a bit of a shock, image consious in lycra, how does that work..

ive seen many articals of livestrong gear getting a proper slating and people getting ripped for wearing it, seem to be with lots of other gear too, umm, whats this all about?

seems pretty bonkers to me..

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No opinion as far as livestrong stuff goes but you don't wear anything under cycling shorts apart from maybe a layer of chamois cream.


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Some people are hung up on image, some aren't.

I'm not, especially, but then my teeth are set on edge by people who haven't got a shift key...:sad:

I wouldn't wear a 'sporty' logoed top (team colours or whatever), because I'm not sporty. My favourite tops are my Cyclechat one, and my Foska Marmite. I choose brands that I know fit me well, and that I can afford.

And of course you can be image conscious in lycra. It's perfectly possible to look fantastic in it (not something I think I pull off myself...).


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I think people typically look pretty dumb in full pro kits, i.e sky kit or liquigas kit etc, but then again I think people look pretty dumb wearing a full liverpool or Man U kit.

If its your club kit or random logo's then it looks fine, there's just something that rubs me up the wrong way about dressing in full pro club kits. I'd wear a Sky jersey, off the bike but not on it (sounds stupid I know)!

But like it has been said, dress what you are comfortable in, most people wont mention their minor gripes to you if they have any because they know its just their opinion/hang ups. If people feel so wound up by your attire that they must tell you or mock you (assuming its not because your lycra is too thin and they have been forced to stare at your ass crack in a chain gang - because this is a valid complaint :sad:), then lets face it, they have bigger issues than you!

Go commando or wear cycling underwear (seamless). When going commando just make sure your lycra shorts arent transparent when worn :smile:


Lance Armstrong, like many sporting 'greats', stirs up emotions a bit. Some people love him, some people hate him, some people don't care. My opinion of the Livestrong slating is that it's seen as hero worship by those who hate LA and as such they slate it. That's a bit broad brush but I think that's the bones of it (people also get slated for being 'wannabes' and I think there is an element of this too - the school of thought which says you should only wear full team kit if your on the team).

My favourite Livestrong quote come from here

Rule 51:
Livestrong wristbands are cockrings for your arms. You may as well get “tryhard self-gratification artist” tattooed on your forehead.


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99% of people today are far too wrapped up in themselves to worry about what your wearing, wear what you like and sod the 1% :biggrin:
Like everyone says its purely down to personal opinion and liking.. My summer wear at the moment are sleeveles triathalon tops.. Much prefer them to sleeved tops as for one in all this sunny weather you don't end up with the inevitable t shirt tan lines on your arms.. plus i just like the look and keeps you much cooler.. just go with what you want aslong as you feel comfy thats all that matters..


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lesley_x said:
I'm jealous of anyone who has the guts to wear lycra in public lol, livestrong or not.
I go shopping in my lycra gear, I'm even going today to the dentist, dam it if I'm on my bike it's cycling gear I don't care what people think.
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