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Jack said:
I agree with SamNichols. On the Mac, iTunes is a brilliant application.. Very stable, fast and powerful. I don't want to argue about the merits of Macs - but it is unfair to criticise the iLife applications for having poor functionality. You tell me what has better functionality that comes with a PC.. If you find the functionality of the iLife suite limiting, you are probably not who it is aimed at.
As I said, itunes is the same on both platforms, even down the the way shortcut keys work and the skinning on the PC are changed to be Mac-like. I have around 20,000 mp3 and itunes is impossibly slow.

Even microsoft's own media player 11 is far, far faster and sorts, searches and categorises much better, handles album artwork and playlists better, has a more polished interface and works with most media players, except infuriatingly my ipod which is why I'm forced use Apple's POS itunes. There are also any number of free applications that work better too. Even winamp handles different formats much better.

The two most unbelievably irritating shortcomings of itunes are you can't sync with two machines without erasing what you had before (e.g. if I download a podcast at work and want to keep what I had before) and infuriatingly, you can't sync your tunes from you ipod TO another machine - ok you can copy them with obscure system generated file names or use some third party hack, but this is BASIC, BASIC stuff and I'm sorry but as it's delivered, the itunes experience is extremely naff compared to at least some of the alternatives out there.
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