ITV - Program on Cycle theft

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Steve Austin

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that could be interesting
and terribly depressing :?:

Sad fact of life, a bike lock is never really going to stop someone stealing a bike. When a convicted bike thief gets a meaningless sentence, it just shows what this means to our government.

Should be interesting viewing


I may be "responsible" for the Brick Lane aspect.

There were feelers put around a few months ago asking for experiences and information.

I suggested that one of the most common occurrences on Forums was the mention of Brick Lane......

Of course - it may be totally irrelevant, and not the case at all, but I would like to think.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
With Brick Lane so well known for the selling of stolen bikes I would have thought the Police could very easily stop the actions by not only catching the thieves but also charging the people doing the buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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when is it on?
Orkney has a pretty low crime rate, but I have started locking my bike in town these days as I have started to worry over my pride and joy being nicked, as unlikely as it may be. I think that the cycle theft in most towns and cities have made me feel paranoid.
Well, show people how to steal a bike - or break into a car, burgle a house, etc - and
a) it gives more scumbags the idea and shows them how to do it
:?: it shows cyclists how bikes are stolen so you know how to effectively lock one up and deter someone from stealing it

Sadly, on balance I think :?: far outweighs a)
- scumbags who are likely to steal bikes already know how to do it, or easily find out from their mates - they don't need a television program or magazine article to tell them how
- but how many honest people don't know how to actually lock up a bike effectively : if they're determined to steal your bike then they'll usually get it, but if they're just going to steal a bike and yours is better locked-up than another, then perhaps yours will stay and they nick the other one.

My wifey carried a great big heavy U-lock to our running club 5K the other week. We're both injured, not running, so were both marshalling.
I was doing lead-bike duties, so didn't bother with any sort of lock - I was on the bike the whole time, or leaning on it.
Mrs wrx was doing finish times, U-locked the bike to a post even though it was only near where she was standing.
After the race, she was a bit embarrassed when I just lifted the whole bike, U-lock and all off the post...


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Interesting thread,i remember some time ago a cycling mag i used to get that did a test on bike locks,bronze, silver and gold i think they were rated at?and how long it took to get them off with the tools used,if i remember correctly there was only a matter seconds between them and some of those cost £50 or more i think,a little dissapointing really,i wonder how much better or effective locks are now in comparison,if at all.
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