I've been painting again


Quedgeley, Glos
Following on from Marvin Gaye, I've managed a pencil Bob Dylan and a watercolour (with little water and no colour) Jimi.


Really impressed with the lettering at all the varying angles and curves, Reynard. That's so hard to do, and you've done a great job!
Thanks. :smile:

I tend to add the lettering during the later stages of working on a painting - but do it with a soft, erasable coloured pencil first (includes construction and placement lines - there's no magic bullet for this) before applying the paint. Of course, the advantage of acrylics is that it's easy to tweak things if you don't quite get it right first time. :blush:
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@Reynard when painting from photo's do you display the photo on a PC monitor i.e instead of printing photo.

I prefer my outdoor scribbles and sketches or my imagination to work off, but sometimes use photos.

Displayed on a decent size monitor using photoshop you can display the image in monochrome to see tonal values, you can also set up a grid on the screen and if you are after realism zoom right in.

Depending on the monitor you might not get the exact colour match of real life, but as I tend to do impressionist and black and white work it doesn't bother me.

I also scan my smaller sketches and blow them up on screen to work off .
PC (laptop) monitor @Salar

Am lucky that I have a really good monitor and it's the reason why I'm reluctant to replace my veteran laptop as the colour reproduction is bang on - it was one of the big plus points when buying this particular laptop in the first place. (Also useful when you do a fair bit of photography as well)

I used to print stuff out to work from, and sometimes still do, but much prefer working from a screen for just the reasons you mention. And yes, I do "grid" my source images, because if I get one bit wrong, the whole car looks wrong...

Having said that, because most of the motorsport art that I do concentrates on the 80s and 90s, thanks to an extensive archive (kinda helps being a bit of a geek here) I've also got things like magazines and posters to draw from when it comes to colour etc. :blush:


A fish out of water
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@Reynard I work from home, office in garden.

I've a small dedicated area in the office where I have another monitor and remote mouse, both monitors identical on a VGA splitter as I've only one graphics card so that both displays and resolution etc are the same when I open something on the PC.

We downsized a good few years ago. I had the luxury of a spare bedroom to mess around in, not any more, so can't make so much mess :smile: That's why I now concentrate on ink and watercolour washes.
The dining room doubles up as the crafts room here chez Casa Reynard @Salar - so painting, sewing, all that sort of stuff. I need to have a room where I can shut the cats out and spread stuff over the table. As you can imagine, craft materials and a cat with a whim that wants catering to don't exactly mix... :blush:

It's why I no longer work with oils after having to de-paint a couple of furry friends. I once ended up with a yellow-mitted blue the night before a show... :surrender:

Hence acrylics as they dry quickly and with my DIY stay wet palette made from a cheap tupperware, cats can't get at wet paint. I'll put the lid on if I need to step away from painting for a bit. Watercolours aren't a problem as my hairdryer is my friend here. :laugh:

If I'm just drawing - either pencil or pen - then I'll just curl up in one of the armchairs in the sitting room with a board on my lap - or wherever the light happens to be best.
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