I've lost my cycling mojo...


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After using a bike as my main mode of transport, and main source of fun, for almost 25 years, I seem to have just become disinterested in cycling.

I kind of hate myself for it really, but everything that I used to love about cycling, cleaning the bike, tinkering with it, getting ready to ride, and the ride itself seem like a bit of chore now. I haven't spent hours drooling over bikes and parts online for months!

Has anyone else had this happen? I am sure the remedy is just to get on the bike, and MTFU, but even so, it can't just be me this has happened to, can it?

I have done less miles this year than I would do in an average week, possibly even an average day, last year.


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N+1 time. :thumbsup:


Maybe you're suffering from SAD. It's the time of year. Dark, cold, windy, roads covered in cr*p, just generally horrible. Hard to get motivated to go for a ride because it takes ages to pull on all the layers of clothing etc.
Give it a couple of months. As the days get longer and a bit of warmth in the sun, your mojo will probably come back.



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Yep had the same a few years back and was off the bike for 8 months or so, take a break it will return.
Another vote for a break, although I see the bike is your main form of transport so that complicates things a bit.

You will worry the break may become permanent, but it's more likely the desire to ride will return.

A few members of my leisure riding group pack in each year in November/December, and don't start again until March/April.

Something to be said for that, not least because there's much less pratting around with cold/wet weather kit.
Can't blame you. The weather isn't very encouraging (just started snowing here). I grabbed a chance a week ago before this present spell and pushed myself to go out on the road bike and enjoyed it for a couple of hours. Despite that the thought of going out of it doesn't actually appeal much and I really hate the crap both it and I get covered in off the roads at the moment.
So..I've just bought a mtb to mix things up a bit and try cycling new routes, accept I'll come home in a state and not worry about it.

Take a break if it helps. In a few weeks you'll be out somewhere, sun shining, spinning easily, feeling great, grinning and wondering what you were on about.

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just chill, as said take a break whilst you wait for some better weather (it will come, honest!)

since last autum or end of summer even i haven't really been out much, less commuting and less leisure rides on the nice road bike. yes sometimes i feel like a lazy, slob but i know that it's just not worth risking injury to me or damage to bike and i just don't enjoy it AS MUCH. still enjoy it when actually out and in the sadle but no where near as much as just spinning along gently near the coast on a warm summer evening is just shorts and short jersey :smile:

if you look at my sig you will see i am some what lacking with round abouts 100 miles so far this year :sad: if i kept that up for the whole year i would do about 1,200 miles, last year i did almost 2,500 miles :smile:
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I haven't ridden for anything like the time you have but occasionally lose interest in riding too. I just take alternative transport for a couple of weeks.
Mmh not really sure what to say to make you go back to riding. Maybe continue not riding for a while longer and it'll come back to you in time. And if it doesn't, then I guess its time to move to.something else.

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