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I'm after advice on a good waterproof, breathable jacket at the cheapest possible price.

I don't need it to keep me warm as I have base layers and a very effective Altura Windproof jacket which really does the job, I just need a light waterproof highly breathable outer layer for the rare rainstorms. Essentially a posh packer mac.

I saw a review in cycling plus which said the DHB Hunston jacket is the business, but bloody Wiggle haven't got stock until the end of august and I'm currently coatless.

Help appreciated.


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Altura stuff is great, i have one i brought a few years ago which is nice and light, packs up small and has survived a big rainstorm. Can't remember which model it is but will check later at home.

Similar to the one vickster linked to above though


scouserinlondon said:
I'm after advice on a good waterproof, breathable jacket at the cheapest possible price.
Waterproof, breathable, cheap - choose any two.

If you are exercising, anything like Goretex is going to be far too sweaty. I think you are much better going with a Pertex jacket, which is light, cheapish, windproof and breathable but not rainproof.

If you are going to be out in heavy rain and working hard, how about a cape? Or hide in a bus shelter.


I completely agree with the comments on here. As ASC has stated, the perfect jacket; breatheable, waterproof and cheap just does not exist. You are either going to have to compromise or up the budget somewhat. The Montane range is worth considering. My wife and I have 2 of the jackets. She uses the featherlite and I have the next one up (can't remember the name - urban or something). They are good, but not perfect.


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HLaB said:
Its hard to find a jacket that ticks all 3 boxes. The best I've found so far is the Montane Featherlite. Its probably not 100% waterproof but its advantages in compactness and breathability outweigh that IMO and it not an unreasonable price (circa £40)
I've just ordered one of these as I have an Endura Laser at the moment which is far too heavy/warm for the summer,this should be ideal as a packable emergency jacket,will report back once it comes.
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