Jamie Coda Elite - raising handlebar height

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Hi, all, I'm looking for some advice on a 2016 Jamis Coda Elite which I have just bought.

After reading some posts online regarding saddle height, I now have the saddle at what I think is roughly the right height for me and am happy with it. However, I now find the handlebars too low. I'm no expert and but have googled, but am going round in circles a little...

As far as I can see, the stem is as high up the stem tube as it can go, and I can't see a way to increase the height of the stem tube.

After googling I see that I can probably turn the current stem up-side-down for a tiny increase. Adding a stem riser, or adjustable angle stem would give me extra height, but then I notice that my stem-tube has a 'notch' in it - which may prevent either of these from fitting.
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I've uploaded photos to which hopefully explain things.

All advice welcome! Thanks!



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Yes definitely flip the stem that will help. You may not be familiar with that riding position but give it a go, after a few rides it may feel completely natural and comfortable. My advise comes from having a similar experience years ago when getting back on a road bike.


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I think you have a variation of this https://nvocomponents.com/benefits/

If you can find one you could probably buy another stem with a different rise or even an adjustable one. Or to make it more standard you could get a regular stem and replace the shim you currently have with a stack of spacers.
I have an NVO stem
The stem fits around an aluminium shim/tube that the top cap compresses so the stem itself plays no part in holding the steering assembly together.
You can only fit NVO stems to this arrangement.
You can remove the shim/tube and revert to a normal style where the stem sits on spacers and is under compression.


As above - flipping the stem will bring the bars a bit closer in as well as substantially higher, which will also make them easier to reach / more comfortable.
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