Jesus, my Grifters shrunk!!


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Hi all involved in this clearly great forum, reading through some of the posts I've come across nothing but polite intelligent comments and advice which is why I am now proud to be a part of it.

I'm Paul, 37 and have been cursed by laziness for a good 20 years. I blame cars and English weather. The last time I rode a bike was around 1980.

Petrol prices, the recent good weather and a new desire to get fit inspired me to dig out my bike, that was still in my parents garage (I have moved out I hasten to add) and was shocked at the size of it. I was convinced my 1979 silver Grifter would still be too big for me. Grifters were massive!! Weren't they?? I mean Strikers, Boxers and Budgies were small, but not the mighty Grifter.

Time for a new bike me thinks. So i've bought myself a nice looking hybrid, figuring i'd struggle to ride these new racer types, scary looking things with my arse in the air and head on the floor, and I hate mountain bikes.

Now, i've got carried away and done a stupid thing. In my head i'm still the kid on the grifter, biking all day, without rest for 12 hours in the sun. Bear in mind I haven't yet had a proper ride out on my new bike, 5 miles at best and i've gone and registered for the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride.

This is were you, my new friends come in. What should I take? What is best to wear? Any other advice to make my ride slightly enjoyable.

I want to take my ipod, wear padded undercrackers with shorts over the top, a t-shirt, some money and thats it. I don't want to be wearing a ruck sack. Is this normal?

Any of your kind advice is more than appreciated, to think anyone would take time to reply to this is humbling.

Cheers all.


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A drink bottle. There are watering stops but best to take your own carrier. Also a spare inner tube and some tyre levers just in case. Oh and a bag of Jelly babies;)


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Great response.

Thank you to the two responses. Much appreciated. Luckily i've spoken to friends who have given me advice on drink and food types that will help me get through, and explained add ons to my bike that would replace a rucksack. Theres more to cycling than I thought.



I've copied your post into the Beginners and Riding forum as you'll probably get a few more replies there.

Oh, and welcome BTW.

Shaun :smile:


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Thanks Shaun. Appreciated. First forum, got a bit confused on were best to put my post, so many places my eyes hurt so the welcome matt seemed best at the time.

I'll get used to it.

Once i've done my 60 miles in Sunday I may need further advice, if I survive.



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Hello TPS72 and Welcome to the CC forums. :laugh:

I always wanted a Grifter when I was younger - but got a secondhand Raleigh Twenty instead because my dad didn't think I was old/responsible enough to look after a "new" bike.
He was as good as his word though, when I turned 12 - I got a brand new Raleigh Europa. :biggrin:

Good luck with the Manchester to Blackpool ride.
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