Joke. A joke what I like.


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I know you should keep 'em short but this amused me.

Two men decide to spice up their relationships by swapping partners. They meet up in a hotel and switch partners for the night and one whispers to the other that what they'll do the next morning, is to tap the cereal bowl with a spoon the number of times the 'deed was done' and this is agreed.

Anyway, one guy is disappointed when his partner for the night tells him she has 'got the painters in'. Doom and gloom.

The next morning, his mate reckons he's going to be forlorn at the turn of events he knew was in store for him the night before and so he rubs it in by tapping once, twice, three times on his cereal bowl.

The other guy picks up his spoon and taps once on the jam pot, and three times on the jar of Nutella.


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