England : North Yorkshire July 1st, 2017 - the annual Settle Yorkshire Dales forum ride

Discussion in 'CycleChat and Recreational Rides' started by ColinJ, 5 Jun 2017.

  1. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    The time is rapidly approaching for our annual jaunt into the Yorkshire Dales, starting and finishing in the lovely market town of Settle.

    As usual, I have deferred route planning to Dales local @Sea of vapours. He has come up with another cracker, taking us up into the NE corner of the Dales and back this year.

    You will need to be fit for this ride - we will be riding 128 km (80 miles) and doing about 2,500 metres (8,200 ft) of climbing, some very steep. There will also be some steep descents. We will not be riding fast but we do need to try to average an overall speed of (say) 15 kph (9 mph) in order to get back at a reasonable time.

    If you have ridden with us before, you'll know the score - we chat as we ride and nobody gets left behind, but if you are struggling early on then there is a significant shortcut that you could take from Aysgarth along Wensleydale through Hawes (or a quieter option on the other side of the river Ure). It would eliminate 2 big climbs and reduce your total distance to 102 km (63 miles). The climbing would be reduced to about 1,750 m (5,750 ft). If you took that option, you would be leaving us before our cafe stop, but you could call in at Hawes to refuel if you wanted to, and then ride back by the rest of the original route.

    We will stop at the Dales Bike Centre cafe near Grinton. It is at about halfway, but with more than half the climbing done.

    If you examine the elevation profile below, you will see that the last 27 km from Newby Head Moss is almost all downhill, which should make for a nice warm-down.

    The route (ridden anti-clockwise)
    Settle route 2017.gif

    The elevation profile
    Settle elevation profile 2017.gif

    • ColinJ + pal Bill
    • Sea of vapours
    • Pale Rider (from Aysgarth to cafe and another hill beyond that!)
    Please post below if you have any questions and/or would like to ride with us.

    ********** ColinJ's forum ride tag list **********
    ********** (If you'd like your name added to future invites, let me know below) **********

    We aim to do the ride on Sat, 1st July 2017 but we will not proceed on that date if there is a bad weather forecast. The route includes wild and exposed summits that would be horrendous and potentially dangerous to cross in stormy conditions. We therefore have 2 alternative dates lined up - Sat, 15th July and Sat, 22nd July. The final choice will be made on the Thursday or Friday. Drizzle here and there would be acceptable, thunderstorms would not be!
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  2. Buck

    Buck Veteran

    I can't do the 1st but I'll watch this thread Colin just in case the date changes. :okay:
  3. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    The full route has too many ups - and downs - for me, but it passes too close to my caravan to ignore so I have a plan to do part of it.

    I would like to meet you at Aysgarth, where I'm fairly certain you will be turning off the A684 onto what Google Maps calls Church Bank.

    I can then do the northern section of the ride - including the lunch stop - before leaving you as you cross the A684 at Appersett, just outside Hawes.

    My return would be along the A684 back towards Aysgarth, although I could pop over the Ure at Bainbridge to do the last few miles on the north side of the river.

    Decent enough loop in itself, probably close to 30 miles.

    You don't mention a start time at Settle, but I'm guessing you should make Aysgarth for about midday.

    This link is (hopefully) to my proposed meeting point.

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  4. Jolly good :-) 'Twill be good to see you again.

    I hesitate to say that that's the best part of the route since it's all very fine stuff, but Fleak Moss, the ascending line up from just beyond Reeth over to Askrigg, is my favourite climb in the Dales due to a combination of views and 'interest', so your loop is most certainly a very good one. That junction you've described and linked to is, indeed, the one we'll be turning into and has that handy pub and (I think) more tables available outside than the Streetview image shows. There's also the option of the cafe on the left, just beyond the river crossing near the falls (avoids coming up a short, steep hill if you're approaching Aysgarth from the north side).

    Colin will no doubt comment on our departure time, but I suspect midday would be a little optimistic, assuming we leave at ten as on previous Settle rides. More like 1300 I suspect, perhaps just before as it's 52km and the first section, over Fountains Fell from Settle, is the most 'intense', even though that may not be apparent from the route profile. Beyond Arncliffe we'll be relatively rapid, but overall, with the odd stop or two, I think getting on towards three hours from the start time will be about right.

    I'd suggest the north side of Wensleydale rather than the A684 for the return trip, basically since that side is a very nice road to cycle along and the south side is where all the non-local car traffic goes.
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  5. OP

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    If it is a typical British summer then there is a fair chance of a postponement! :laugh:

    Sounds like a plan!

    Yes, Church Bank is our turn-off point, as you indicated.

    We hadn't decided on a start time. I think that we made it 10:00 in the past to allow for the possibility of riders coming in by train so let's do that again.

    Aysgarth is 52 km into the route and it is probably going to take at least 3 hours to get there. We would probably arrive shortly after 13:00 with a 10:00 start though we obviously couldn't commit to that time. I can't see us getting there before 12:30 and unless there were problems, it shouldn't be later than 13:30.

    I don't know what the phone reception is like round there. I wouldn't be surprised if we couldn't contact each other in various locations out on the road..

    Rob - my suggestion is to make sure that you are in place by 12:45. If by some miracle we arrive early, we will wait until 12:50. If you are nowhere to be seen then we will try phoning you. If we can't get hold of you then we would just have to assume that you weren't going to make it for some reason and we would carry on without you.

    If you get there first (which would be the plan), you'd have to make yourself comfortable and wait for us. If we were held up and not going to make it by 13:30 then I would try to phone you but if you didn't hear from us and we didn't turn up by 13:30 then you would have to decide how long to continue waiting.

    I THINK that makes sense! :okay:

    PS SoV replied while I was typing this!
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  6. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    Thanks both for the consideration.

    I shall be at my meeting point for about 12.30pm.

    Waiting for a while is no bother, in fact I shall rather enjoy it particularly if there's a hot drink opportunity which there should be as the pub will be open.

    As Colin says, mobile reception - or transmission from where you will be on the tops - might be a bit iffy, so no point bothering about trying to contact me unless you get significantly delayed.

    @Sea of vapours has kindly plotted an alternative route back for me to largely avoid the A684 - a road worth avoiding so I shall take that on board.

    SoV's route is 67km, which is still a decent distance in the terrain.

    There are a handful of CC members in striking distance of Wensleydale, so there's an opportunity there for anyone to join us for a less arduous ride.
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  7. Littgull

    Littgull Veteran

    Hi All,

    I want to explain why I’m unable to do this particular ride as there are a couple of adverse factors for me that apply just to this ride which come into play.

    The main one is that last Christmas my wife and I spent 4 days over the festive period staying at the ‘Lion at Settle’ with our beloved 14 year old dog, Lupes. Unfortunately, just a few days after returning home, Lupes suddenly developed severe breathing difficulties and we had the heartbreaking situation of having to say goodbye to her. Although she wasn’t in any obvious pain or distress whilst we were at Settle, on reflection, she was far from her perky self while we were there. If we return to Settle still so soon after losing Lupes it will be too emotionally painful. We will be ‘seeing’ Lupes looking forlorn at every street corner and would not want to carry that memory at the forefront of our minds. We love Settle and have visited the town and the Yorkshire Dales many many times so we will definitely return – but just not yet!

    The other factor, though one that can be overcome, is that I no longer have a car, so getting to and from the ride start is a bit involved. Though it is definitely possible, as there is a train from Todmorden at 07.43 that gets to Settle at 09.48 – there are 3 changes involved with one being at Bradford Forster Square and only 4 minutes between trains there, so not much margin if the Todmorden train is late. Coming back, there is a train from Settle at 19.44. Three changes again, and back at Todmorden for 22.33. There is even a later option. The cost if booked now is just £14.70 for a return ticket (or £9.85 with Senior Railcard!). So it is definitely do-able. Probably, not do-able on a Sunday though as trains will not be available early enough in the day. Incidentally for any riders from further flung places I can highly recommend the ‘Lion at Settle’ for an overnight stay.

    I have always regarded the Yorkshire Dales scenery as truly world class and have spent many happy days enjoying its delights. The route mapped out is an absolute stunner. @Sea of vapours is a very lucky chap to be living amongst the Dales and I’m sure his considerable local knowledge will further enhance the experience.

    It’s a measure of the friendships forged and collective pleasure obtained from @ColinJ's and other Forum rides that people like @Pale Rider often travel 100+ miles to participate. The thought and effort put in to coordinate a meet up at different points of the route is both fantastic and fascinating!

    So for the reason I have mentioned above I will very regrettably be giving this ride a miss (this year) but I know you will all have a stunning day out.
  8. OP

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    Brian - when you feel up to revisiting Settle again we could do the ride that I did a couple of weeks ago from Todmorden to Settle and back. That eliminates the problem of getting to and from the town because that actually IS the ride! I would want it to be at a time of year when the daylight hours are still long enough to do the round trip without lights.
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  9. Littgull

    Littgull Veteran

    Sure thing, Colin. We'll do that.
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  10. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    Sorry you can't make it.

    You will be missed, not least because I'm looking forward to having a look at your swish new bike.
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  11. Littgull

    Littgull Veteran

    Aww, thanks Rob. It won't be long before we team up again for the next one!
  12. OP

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    It would be good to get a few more riders for this one! :whistle:

    Come and join us - everybody who has done our Settle rides over the past few years has really enjoyed them.

    (I had also posted here about needing a lift, but that problem has now been resolved!)
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  13. pubrunner

    pubrunner Guru

    I can't make this ride, but for anyone who may be wavering on whether or not to have go, I strongly recommend it !

    I did it a few (6 !)years ago, along with @ColinJ , @colly , @PaulB, @Kestevan , @zacklaws , @Pennine-Paul and quite a few others. Especially memorable, was the way in which former forum member evilclive, was able to destroy every other rider on the descents . . . he was on a tandem and by jupiter, it was/is the fastest bike downhill that I've ever seen !

    As Colin has mentioned, no-one is left behind - good job, because without a GPS, I'd never have found my way back to Settle. The only advice that I'd hand out, is that if you do it, make sure your brake pads are in good condition. Yes, some of the hills are quite tough, but the descents are most character-building . . . . . . . everyman and his dog left me behind.

    I did this in 2011 - it was my first and best CC ride. Oh yes, when I did the ride, we didn't get back to Settle until nearly 9pm . . . . . . . this was almost entirely due to the fact, that unlike other CC rides, Colin was very generous with the time that he allowed for refreshment stops. We stopped at an excellent pub and I found time for two pints - yay !

    Great ride, great company !
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  14. oldfatfool

    oldfatfool Veteran

    Will try and tag along if i nanage to get up early enough to get from Ingleton anyone given @totallyfixed a shout
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  15. oldfatfool

    oldfatfool Veteran

    Colin are you going clock or anti clockwise round your route?
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