Just bought my first bike today!


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Jumping in to some forums to try to get to know the community. I just bought my first bike today. Other than pedals and a lock, I need to find out how to prioritize all of the rest! :smile:
Welcome and have fun with your new bike.

A saddle bag with a few essentials like spare tubes, tyre levers and a pump as a bare minimum would be a good idea before you venture too far from home.
Welcome to CC! :hello:
Once you identify your needs, you’ll be able to ‘arm’ yourself accordingly.
How do you intend to use your bike? Commuting, shopping/pub run, health & exercise, on-road/off-road, competition, touring etc.?
Suitable clothing makes cycling more comfortable and enjoyable. And if you get the bug (you will) you’ll need to learn the (simple) basics of cycle repair and maintenance.
And if you find the need/desire to own another bike (you will), then CC (or another forum) will become part of your daily life.
In the meantime, enjoy your bike! :okay:


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Hello and :welcome:to the forum

As a bare minimum apart from the lock you’ll need a track pump, a portable one for the bike, puncture repair kit and a spare inner tub. A small bag attached under the saddle to carry the latter might also be a good idea.
If you want to do your own maintenance a starter tool kit is useful, this one from Decathlon is good:
Remember when fitting your new pedals one side has reversed thread. You’ll need a 15mm spanner (there’s one in the kit) and undo by turning it towards the back of the bike (both sides). Start the thread off when fitting by hand.
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Hi and :welcome:.

The first of many I hope . :whistle:

As has been said above it all depends on how serious you are about cycling. If it is just casual riding then a mobile phone so that you can contact someone for a lift back would be a priority .
Some basic tools to start with and as you progress you will discover that . "Ah! I need one of those! " Will happen .
Does your bike have quick release wheels ? I find that they are useful for doing punctures and for loading a bike into a car .


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Priority order:
Pump you can carry or strap to frame (with head fitting which fits wheel valve)
Tyre levers x 2
Spare tube
5mm allen key
Small flat blade screwdriver
Small under-saddle bag (pockets or rucsac in meantime)
Chain oil
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