Just love this bike,!,,,, I shouldnt


Always liked the Propel, but that colour scheme is amazing. Even better close up. Definitely not looking for n+1 though...lol.
Saw an orange one of those in the Giant shop by work the other week. Think it was the propel Advanced SL 0 or something... Ultegra Di-2. Really, really nice. Had to tear myself away back to work before I put 4k on the credit card :whistle:


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I'm looking at the Ribble Aero 883 with 105 set for £1200 ish,but your post has now got me thinking about Giant,have to draw the line at some point otherwise I will spend beyond my means,kid in a sweet shop when I go the LBS :wacko::laugh:


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Because present circumstances wont really allow me to own an expensive bike:sad:
Don't be too down about it. One day you'll ride a bike that just blows you away, and if you're lucky it may not be an expensive one. That how I ended up with my Felt, just never ridden anything like it until that fateful day.
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