Just ordered this for the youngest boy.

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by User, 30 Jul 2012.

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  2. threebikesmcginty

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    ...on the slake
  3. ianrauk

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    Atop a Ti
    nice one
  4. Andrew_Culture

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    52 to 14 gears? He's going to be FAST!

    Sent from a Victorian Terrace house, red brick, 1882 build.
  5. fossyant

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    South Manchester
    Not showing that my son.. oh no. He's just got his first N+1
  6. MrB1obby

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    Brilliant! You've got a long wait of having to resist the temptation :hyper:
  7. Not sure if he's tried it for size, but if he is a 'very small' 9yo, then he may struggle to ride a 700c/48cm frame. My 8yo is big for his age and he has only just moved up to a small-framed 650c race bike..
  8. slowmotion

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    He will be absolutely thrilled. Well done!
  9. biggs682

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    lucky boy
  10. screenman

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    That seems a bit big for a 9 year old, I hope it fits. I am 5ft 7in and only ride a 51cm on that shape frame and a small on a compact, along with a 16 inch on the MTB.
  11. Growing into it is one thing, but what I really meant was that he may actually be too small to ride it - even with the saddle slammed down and forward.
  12. Night Train

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    Maybe there is another 'present' on its way?:whistle:

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  13. Sara_H

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    Oooh. My 9 year old is DESPERATE for a road bike for his birthday in December. Going to try him on one of these.

    Has anyone seen any reviews of them?
  14. it's an adult bike, with 'standard' 52/42 adult gearing (I don't ride gears that big) and adult-sized bars and cranks - worth bearing that in mind before you buy one for a nine year-old who may not be able to ride it. The Dawes Espoir 26 might be a better bet, or an Islabike Luath 26, or the Moda Major.....
  15. [QUOTE 1961743, member: 1314"]He'll be alright.[/quote]

    'course he will....
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