Just realised that I've completed my first Winter!

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Congratulations on riding through the winter so far but it's not over yet, unfortunately.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Congrats! This has been my second winter (this time round anyway) and as others have said, it's not over yet. There was ice again this morning but it's supposed to warm up at the weekend and into next week.


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Nice one.
You got through a few of months of winter already, what ever else comes your way weather wise will be a piece of pees.

Welcome to the all year round club.


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Thanks all, I think we've seen the last of Winter in the South East though. Bit icy this morning but it's a balmy 11degC right now, blazing sunshine and Blue skies :sun:

It's forecast 16degC on Sunday, my longs are being packed away until Autumn, what could possibly go wrong? ^_^


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Mornings and evenings getting lighter, flowers appearing in the beds, leaves starting to appear on the trees. And more importantly, warmer weather on its way.

I agree, its great to think that you've completed a winter of commuting, even when its not your first. There is a risk of slight smugness as you see fair weather cyclists struggling with their winter legs as you sail past, but that's not too big a burden to carry.
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