Just what you need at 4.45am..

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by potsy, 16 Apr 2010.

  1. .. a flat front tyre as you're about to leave for work,1st thought was 'bugger!! where's the car keys) then set about fixing it and was on my way at 4.56am:biggrin:
    Luckily no more incidents on way in or may have been late,thorn had worked it's way thru the tread (assuming yesterday) 2nd p**cture with my Conti 4 seasons in 1000 miles is this about normal?
  2. XmisterIS

    XmisterIS Purveyor of fine nonsense

    I think punctures are pretty much inevitable when you use the bike a lot!

    I use Continental Grand Prix 4000 tyres, I have had about 6 punctures in two years on them. I think that's pretty good!
  3. vorsprung

    vorsprung Über Member

    2 in 1000 miles seems a bit high for conti 4 Seasons
    But they are more of a "fast" tyre than a "bomb proof" tyre

    The back marathon plus on my winter commute bike has done over 10,000km , no punctures.
    But it weights an imperial pound more than a conti 4 Season
  4. Spesh armadillos, = 1 visit in 1500 miles'ish ..but plenty of debris stuck in the tyres when i reach my destination, so they are doing their job well
  5. OP

    potsy Birder

    I run M+ on the hybrid so can vouch for their resistance(0 in 3000 miles) and weight, no deflations as yet,am still looking for best solution on the lighter bike,might try the Durano+ next as they seem to be the best compromise although not spoken to anybody that uses them.
    Can cope with the odd 1,6 months ago i would have sacked it for the day and used the car,but my new found determination meant I really wanted to cycle in,+ the weathers been great and I would have felt guilty all day.
  6. dave r

    dave r Dunking Diddy Dave Pedalling Pensioner

    Holbrooks Coventry
    Doesn't matter what the time is the flat tyre when you get the bike out to ride to work is always a sod. Happened to me a few weeks back, 7:20am, got to be in work at 8am six and a half miles away, inner tube split around the valve base. been using bontrager race lite hardcases since last October and that was my first deflation.
  7. hackbike 666

    hackbike 666 Guest

    Best to check for debris.I do after a 7 day stint or five or whatever.Cuts it down even more.

    That's if you don't already.Damn I gotta check my front tyre.

    I now have three bikes and no car so no problem there.

    The 445 or earlier commutes are great and perfect for the fixie.I have a load of 9am's coming up next.:smile:
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