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Went kayaking yesterday for the first time. What a brill sport. Got in the canoe ... OMG! felt so unstable, so the instructor came over and rocked it to show me how far it can go. how nice of him! ha ha

but after about 10 mins was feeling fine about it, learning all the paddle strokes and that. instructor said that we'd wait til the end and then he would teach me how to flip upside and get out. how nice of him! ;)

anyway, then they decided after a while that i should join in the water polo, which was well cool, but then all of a sudden i was in the dark thinking "WTF am i doing UNDER the boat!!!" ha ha. serves me right for getting cocky. anyway, i managed to get out alright only to look up to see my mate filming it. well, i say filming it, what i mean was ... trying to hold her phone straight while she p'd herself laughing.

so i got out, looked at the camera and said "limp, dull, lifeless hair? Pond water... bcoz you're worth it!" ha ha.

Then the instructor said, you may as well do the flip with the spray deck now you've gone under once. so i thought yea, may as well, as i've already nearly drowned. Anyway, did it and got out already so next time i go, i can have a spray deck so i don't get so wet (as long as i don't tip up :biggrin:)

Anyway, it only cost me a fiver so if you ever get chance to go, then do, coz i had a right laugh. and falling in the pond wasn't as cold as i thought it would be. Although i did wear my winter cycling stuff which is designed to stay warm when it gets wet. About as near to a wetsuit that i own, and i think it did help coz i didn't get too cold after.


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Have we done the 'Can't have your kayak and eat it' joke?
They are good fun. I notice Lidl have got inflatable kayaks in on the 27th...


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Sounds like great fun, buggi.

I've been canoeing a few times (Canadian open-top kayak) and bell-boating (10-seater thing).

How come it was only a fiver? Bargain!


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it's five quid try out sessions. you can have 3 sessions before joining the club. only 27 quid to join and then about 3 pound per session i think. not bad really, coz they provide all the stuff (except wet/dry suit)


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sound sgood fun...down here on my beach (for it is truely mine) there are these guys who have a fold up bike and a kayak..so they roll up, un pack it and canoe off with the bike in the boat..then arrive further down the beach...cant help thinking it would be quicker to ride along the prom but hey..


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I used to love canoeing and I'd like to do some kayaking. Friends of mine made the second ever recorded crossing from Shetland to Foula by kayak. It's 20 miles but it took them 7 hours going out against the wind, for 5 hours they couldn't see land. They only had a Silva compass fixed to the spray deck for navigation.

This website will give you a feel for kayaking: http://www.kayakacrossthewater.co.uk/


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My wife wants me to start kayaking. My legs have got wonderfully fit, with more girth, harder muscles and more definition. However my upper body has remained weedy, pathetic and rather flabby. Was hoping that a lot of kayaking would improve the upper half too.


Just a quick note to stop any confusion.

this is a kayak:
View attachment 6425

this is a canoe:
View attachment 6426

So if you go kayaking then get in a canoe something has gone a bit wrong!

That said both sports are amazing, but canoeing gets my vote.


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top photo is a kayak for surf and white water
bottom photo is a canoe
your photo is a sea kayak
just to confuse matters this is a sit on top kayak
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