Kelly Brooke, Chris Hoy and Boris......


Wow you're working with Boris Becker?


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Not sure who Kelly Brooke is, never heard of her! Kelly Brook is quite the looker though :becool:

What are you doing with them? They all have a link to cycling. London cycling maybe?

John the Monkey

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sheddy said:
what does Kelly Brook ride ?
she was in some cycle promotion stuff in that London, riding a Pashley of some sort as I recall, in a delightful flowery dress. Some rumpled chap in a blonde fright wig was next to her, iirc.


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...on the slake


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Hilldodger said:
Yeah, it's Skyride promotion stuff and she'll be riding (well, sitting on) my 1880's tricycle and Chris will be on my Penny (again)
Not the Cripper!?

I've sat on that!
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