Ken Laidlaw 2010


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You were 8.29 last year, so good improvement there .... ;).

Keep this up and next year - new course record :wahhey:.

[thinks: if Seamab had 8mins 'added' - how much will have been added to me :sad: ?]

No email here either ... yet :huh:
Given the glorious weather, it makes Hlab's 6h 14m in last years monsoon seem all the more impressive. :bravo:

I'll be lucky to take back 2 mins never mind 2 hours next year.
That would appear to be an erroneous reading! I've uploaded my Garmin data to BikeHike and there's nothing above ~15%, which is pretty much what I remember!
I think my Garmin was rather erroneous for gradient last year, it reports 62.5 and 57.5% for a couple of places :whistle: RidewithGPS is garbage too it reports 33.2% :smile:

Edit: Drawing it fresh in RidewithGPS seems more realistic 8966 ft (2,733m) of climbing with a max of 15.8%
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