Kestevans Llandudno 2020 ride. May 2nd - CANCELLED !


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Righto - as posted elsewhere @nickyboy has had to drop out from organising this years iconic Manchester to Llandudno ride due to attempting a LeJog in May (personally I'll be surprised if he makes it to Truro before his wheel explodes :smile: )

Anyway, I've volunteered to try and step into his shoes and keep this fine Cyclechat ride running this year.
I'll be shamelessly stealing the routes from last years ride and hopefully the usual suspects, and anyone new who fancies a nice flatish, 100 mile ride at a friendly and relaxed pace will join me.

The May bank holidays have moved this year to 8th for VE day, and the 25th. Given that accommodation/travel is usually adversely affected by BH dates I think this leaves us with the weekends of 2/3rd and the 16/17th. My preference is the 2/3 May, but I'm open to bribes/blackmail/peer pressure as usual.

1) 8am start Manchester Piccadilly railway station
2) Coffee/Snack stop Devonshire Bakery, Weaverham (I thought that this was better than the Country Park we went to in 2015 but happy to listen to other views on this)
3) Lunch stop Eureka café, Wirral
4) Finish in Llandudno sometime about 6pm depending on individual's speed, weather etc. Fish and Chips available

There will be official "start" and "finish" points at Manchester, Altrincham, Eureka and Llandudno so participants can mix and match to suit themselves. You don't have to do the whole ride if it doesn't suit

In fact, the last 30 miles or so are dotted with train stations so if you're a bit weary then it's very easy to pop on a train and beat the rush for fish and chips

There will be both flatter and hillier routes again.

As previously, stop over in Llandudno for those that fancy it. Regular trains from nearby Llandudno Junction to all points of the compass.

For those that haven't done the ride before what you get is about 10 miles of urban/suburban flat cycling to Altrincham. Then you have about 40 miles of very pleasant country lanes through Cheshire which are rolling at absolute worst. After lunch if you take the flat route it's about 45 very flat miles with the final 20 or so right next to the sea. The hillier alternative is another 50 miles, also last 20 next to the sea but there is, as the name suggests, a hillier middle bit to get off a fairly busy A road

No insurance required. No kit stipulations (such as helmets). It's around 100 miles all in at a fairly gentle pace and in some lovely scenery and some nice stop offs along the way. Everyone and anyone (including friends of CCers) welcome

I've sent this out to the usual mob, any names I've missed let me know. Otherwise expressions of interest please (and your preferred date).

Righto - Looks like it has to be the weekend of the 2/3 May. I've suggested Mrs Kes may like to come along in the car (and entirely incidentally provide luggage transport), and she's not ripped my throat out (yet).

Current Expressions of Interest are:

@ColinJ (To Eureka)
@gavroche (from Rhyl)
@Rickshaw Phil (from Eureka)
@Domus (possible part way)
@Andrew Br
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Any of those dates is fine with me. Meeting point for me will be the Bike Hut in Rhyl, as usual. :whistle:
I will get there first and wait for the peloton to arrive.:okay:

I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
Let me just check my diary..... Looks like I'm washing my hair that weekend :tongue:

In reality I am off on the silly caper with @nickyboy so cannot commit to another jolly so close to the big event as "Err indoors won't have it!"

It's a shame because it is a really good ride and an easy 100 miles for anyone who is attempting their first imperial century. As a small aside, there is the minor matter of the hill climb race out of Flint (Everyone is in a hurry to leave Flint!! :laugh:) and I have just checked, I don't see your name on the Strava scoreboard @Kestevan :whistle:

Gavroche is a great chap and waits patiently at the Rhyl Hub so he can buy everyone a hot choc or icecream as they arrive. You will recognise him by his distinctive cycle gear and you must address him with the words 'Allo Allo' as you approach.... :hello:


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Yes, a pity I can't make it this year but what with taking a couple of weeks to do LEJOG with @I like Skol I can't manage another weekend so close to those dates

There are plenty of repeat offenders but I was always very happy to see new faces on the ride. Taking the flat option, it really does become one of the easiest and nicest Century rides you can do in the North West and loads of CCers have done their first on this ride.

Thanks for picking this one up @Kestevan


Last of the Summer Winos
Yeah, @I like Skol, TBH I didnt expect you to turn up, thought you'd be confined to barracks given the lejog, but it would still be rude not to ask.

I'm not on the hill climb list because I got lost.... Me and Gill took an unexpected diversion up the bit that's too steep for the rest of you.... and last year I ended up on the train from Flint with a worn out Mrs Kes.


Getting old but not past it
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Gavroche is a great chap and waits patiently at the Rhyl Hub so he can buy everyone a hot choc or icecream as they arrive. You will recognise him by his distinctive cycle gear and you must address him with the words 'Allo Allo' as you approach.... :hello:
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It is a shame that, by the time every one arrives, the cafe and ice cream parlour is closed.^_^ By the way, I have updated my bike now so don't rely on the photo. :laugh:


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I should be able to come along again but I will do what I did last year - come as far as the cafe stop at the halfway point, then turn round and head back. @GuyBoden did that with me in 2019 and may want to again this time?

I will ride out from Manchester, but ride back to Walkden for my train home.

If anybody else fancies that variation, you'd be welcome to join me for the return leg.

Freds Dad

SWMBO was talking last night of going to London at the beginning of May so if the date is early May I probably won't be available but I will try to move our trip to later in the month so I can make the ride. I'll keep you updated.

Rickshaw Phil

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Thanks for tagging me @Kestevan ^_^

I won't make any promises at the moment but would quite like to do this ride again. The 2nd/3rd is free for me but not the 16th/17th. I'd probably aim to ride from Shrewsbury and join you at Eureka.

What's happened with Eureka by the way? Wasn't it up for sale a while ago?
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