Kids eh!


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You do your best to teach them right from wrong and guide them along life's path and what happens?

My youngest son only goes and buys a BMX bike :angry:

I don't know what's more embarrassing one of those fluttery things on my neighbour's car or a BMX in my shed :blush:


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he's a youngster, bmx bikes are what youngsters ride. Nothing wrong with that. At least he is cycling.
For my nephews 5th birthday a few years back, he wanted a bike and my Mum, his Gran bought it. I told her to wait until I got home at the weekend but she couldn't wait went out and bought him a bmx out of Hellfrauds. It ways a ton but he loves it and tbh he'll soon out grow it.

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I know you were wanting him to have the graceful elegance and poise of a road bike, but hey, just thank your lucky stars he's cycling, even if it does mean he'll have to ride about with his trousers half way down his legs 'just tuh bee coohl'. :blush:

He'll grow out of it, I'm sure.


Nowt wrong with your kid buying a BMX. I'm seriously considering adding one to the fleet myself now that Edinburgh has a proper (free) outdoor skatepark. I'm 36.;)
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