Kid's names that won't make a comeback

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rich p

ridiculous old lush
When I was at primary school, in the dark ages, the most popular names were Linda, Stephen, Susan and John.
Don't hear them much in young kids now, it's all Sebastian, George, Elijah etc, names I never thought would be revived.
I can't imagine Hubert, Herbert, Cecil, Keith and Nigel coming back but who knows.
Carry on, as you were.



Joey Shabadoo

My pronouns are "He", "Him" and "buggerlugs"

When my mum was pregnant with my youngest sister, we jokingly referred to the unborn baby as Gertrude - this being the silliest name we could think of. On the day she went into labour, we all piled into the car heading for the hospital and passed the docks en route - to see the MV Gertrude tied up alongside.


Ernie, the shorter form. There's one not too far away. His dad was the local milkman, before he sold the round.
It’s a good name but some may say a bit too manly for the kids of today. I won’t use the derogatory term ‘snow flakes’ but you know what I mean.
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