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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by jdtate101, 25 Jul 2012.

  1. jdtate101

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    Boring Birmingham
    Ok so I live in Birmingham. No mountains near here, maybe a few small lumps but defo nothing big. Anyway was out today in the glorious sunshine buzzing along, soaking it up and stopped at a red light. A guy pulls up next to me on a reasonably flash bike wearing a polka dot TdF KOM jersey. Now I'm not usually prudish about this sort of thing (live and let live I say), but we got chatting and I asking him if he felt self conscious in it. He replied he did, but only on hills. Ok, so as we are chatting we come to the foot of a largish 'lump' in the road (300ft ascent at 5-6%) and I drop him after 200m or so, and I wasn't pushing hard at all. Fair play to the guy for wearing what he wants, but I certainly couldn't wear it (even if I had the balls to) if I couldn't do justice to it.

    First time I've come across someone in a leaders Jersey, so have many other seen much of them about since the Tdf started/finished this yr?
  2. Rob3rt

    Rob3rt Man or Moose!

    I have never given much thought to this sort of thing, but now you mention it, I feel that I would be comfortable wearing leaders jerseys or team jerseys day to day, as a t-shirt (an expensive one at that) much like a football fan would their favorite team or because its a nice shirt, however, and somewhat ironically, I would feel a bit daft wearing it for cycling. Kind of like I would feel stupid rocking up to play football with a few mates in a full premiership team getup!

    However, just because I would feel a bit daft (which is my problem at the end of the day) doesn't necessarily mean I think there is anything wrong with it and people should do as they want.
  3. I've had a plain,no adverts/sponsors one for years and i've had some stick! I can get away with the image(apart from my age)of a KOTM, but i certainly can't bike like one!:laugh:
    It's an historic jersey and i must say it's probably my favourite one. I loved this year's tour when the wearer of the polka dot not only had a spotty jersey and shorts, but also his helmet,gloves,socks and even his bike were in polka dots!:becool:
  4. Melonfish

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    Warrington, UK
  5. whiskywheels

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    Not seen any, but I always wear my TdF white jersey.
  6. ohnovino

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    If you're going to wear a leader's jersey, you might as well write "SCALP ME" on the back of it.
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  7. Peteaud

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    South Somerset
    How many people do you see with Football shirts on.

    Doesnt make any odds imo

    live and let live.
  8. Damn! The water bottles aren't polka dot!:thumbsdown: A nice pic' though.:thumbsup:
  9. BrumJim

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    I can understand wearing a team jersey to show your support to a team, or polka-dot casual clothing to show your respect for the KOM, but wearing a polka-dot cycling top whilst cycling, particularly if you aren't that much of a wheel-based moutain goat, is just wrong. IMHO, of course.
  10. Mr Haematocrit

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    Out of the saddle
    Does anyone really give shoot if people wear the KOM jersey when cycling. It's not like your going to confuse someone wearing it in your local town with Voeckler.
    I can't believe how precious some people act towards these types of jerseys. I find it really odd.
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