Kinross to Elgin route suggestions?


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Can anyone give me any suggestions on a good route to cycle from Kinross to Elgin?

Im using a Dawes Giro for the ride so preferably decent terrain, but i also want to avoid busy roads as much as possible.



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I'd suggest you could take the back roads to Perth and then head to Braemar via Blairgowrie and from there over the Lecht and on to Elgin via Charlestoun of Aberlour. The problem with that, though scenic it's got two killers of hills - Glenshee and the ride up to the Lecht itself. The alternative is to take the route along Strathdon via Kildrummy which is a bit longer I think but misses out the Lecht. You could of course take the A9, except that it is a tad dreary for long stretches and whatever you do avoid the A96 which is probably one of the worst roads in Scotland.


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Thanks for the info there, Glenshee is a right bugger - bad enough in my old mini, never mind on a bike!

As for the A96, ill keep that in mind.

Has anyone used Route 79 from Aviemore towards Elgin direction? Any good?
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