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More a plumbing question I suppose but there must be an expert amongst us:

When I look at the underside of the kitchen sink bowl, there is some sort of material (in a mesh) attached - it's quite crumpled up and I believe it is some sort of heat sink for when you empty boiling liquid into the sink.

Anyone know what this is called and whether one can obtain a replacement sheet?

TIA, Klaus


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It's more likely to be a sound deadening pad. I don't have a clue where to get a replacement from.
Just what I was going to say!

Anything will do. Stick a lino tile on there or for that matter just bung a bit of any gunk on it that you have around (frame sealant or bathroom silicone). May be a bit on the drainer too. Just stops it clattering too much.

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Go to a place that fixes washing machines, you'll be able to get some there, it's used to stop vibration on the metal panels. Car doors also have the same inside.
I used to buy it for sound/vibration deadening in Hi-Fi projects


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Have a look around the deepest recesses of your workplace and I bet you'll find an old sound absorbing pad that the typists used to use under their typewriters - remember them?

Cut up and glue on.
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