KMC X10 - 73 and 93 New Looks


I ordered a new KMC X10 - 93 chain (£13) and it arrived today. The box it came in simply has 'X10' on it. The chain is also black and silver on every other link.. I first thought that they had sent me the wrong, and cheaper X10 - 73 chain due to the price and looks. I thought I'd been scammed. After a bit of research I found that KMC have recently updated their products:

The cheapest and previously named -73 chain is now called 'X10 Grey'. The old version of this chain had contrasting intermittent light and dark silver links. The next level up, what was once called the -93 chain is now called 'X10 Silver/Black'. The old version of this chain, I believe, had an all silver finish.

This confused me as the pictures for said chain on the webiste I purchased it from showed the old silver chain and not a dual coloured chain.

Just wanted to let people know just in case they had the same initial thoughts as myself.



Good informative post. I don't like it when the web picture is not the actual item ( or the reviews are obviously about a different chain altogether). I confess most of my chains look the same colour after a while.........


I think the older X10 - 93 were all silver, but as I stated in my OP, "The old version of this chain, I believe, had an all silver finish." I'm either right, wrong or completely mistaken :smile: HAd I known someone else had posted similar, I wouldn't have bothered. I guess it's all welcomed knoweldge though.

Nice pics @I like Skol

The newer X10-93/Silver/Black is actually very similar, if not the same as what used to be called the 'Vivid' range of KMC chains which had blue, green, red, black with silver contrasting links.

Pics below. As you can see, there is no real designation on the box as to what the chain actually is, unlike the old versions that I Like Skol kindly posted.


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