1. migrantwing

    KMC 10sp Quick Link Unbelievably Tight

    Came to give my bike the once over before setting out for a ride on Sunday. Brand new KMC X10.93 chain fitted (now called simply X10, the new black/silver type in the hard plastic case) and quick link that came with the chain in the box. Lubed chain, cleaned off excess, checked brakes, gears...
  2. migrantwing

    KMC X10 - 73 and 93 New Looks

    I ordered a new KMC X10 - 93 chain (£13) and it arrived today. The box it came in simply has 'X10' on it. The chain is also black and silver on every other link.. I first thought that they had sent me the wrong, and cheaper X10 - 73 chain due to the price and looks. I thought I'd been scammed...
  3. Blue Hills

    Which KMC 9 speed chain?

    I know there are a few fans of KMC on here so I thought I might try them. Am interested in the cheapest one which is good - not interested in cosmetic finishes. As an example of my approach I have long used SRAM - I use the one up from the bottom as it's my understanding that at this point a...
  4. autolycus

    2+ KMC X10SL chain links (silver)

    I want to lengthen a new chain slightly and i gather it's more common for people to shorten. I think a couple would be sufficient, so if anyone has a few knocking about they don't need i'd be glad to buy them. Thanks.
  5. Andywinds

    KMC chains

    Are KMC chains Shimano compatible? I'm looking at this chain for my 10sp Shimano setup - Many thanks Andy
  6. Wester

    A KMC Z7 Chain

    About 4 months ago I fitted a new KMC Z7 to my Hybrid bike today I checked it for wear and I could not believe what I saw It was very badly worn and needs to be replaced . surely something not right here that it could have worn out in such a short time I always keep the chain on the biggest...
  7. Globalti

    Ultegra 6700 brakes, derailleurs, 10 speed cassette, KMC chain.

    For sale: Shimano Ultegra 6700 shifters, good condition, scratched on levers but no scratches or damage to hoods or outsides from crashes. Ultegra 6700 brakes with almost new Swisstop green pads.. Ultegra 6700 front and short-cage rear derailleur. Rear has some rather expensive alloy jockey...
  8. e-rider

    KMC X11-EL Chain in Silver (11 speed)
  9. e-rider

    KMC quick links 11sp

    so 9 and 10 speed KMC links are reuseable, but 11 speed are 'single use'! has anyone tried reusing an 11sp KMC link? Will it fail to work properly after the first time of joining and splitting?
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