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Hi All,

Currently riding a Carrera hardtail MTB and for last 6 months or so have limited myself to very light off-road and on-road use - hence have some semi-slick tyres on it.

However, yesterday my brother in law let me borrow his 2009 Kona Dew Drop. Did 40 road miles on it this morning and thought it was fantastic.

Not massively into what's on sale at the moment - but are they still available new? Quick look on the net and i don't believe they are.

Question is - what sort of bike actually is it?? Web seems to suggest a hybrid but other sites mention cyclo-cross.

What would be a decent low to mid end of market alternative to it???

Any help appreciated!


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I have a Kona Dew drop bought last year and I love it!! It's a real mix TBH, but it is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. I don't think they are still available. Have you looked at the Specialized TriCross with disc brakes? There are a few being ridden in the cycling club I am in and they speak highly of the bike.


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It's a cyclocross by the looks of it. Others include the Specialized Tricross, CAADX range, Boardman CX, Genesis Day 01 etc.
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