Lack of mudguards for Giant Toughroad 2019!

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Hello I was looking for mudguards for my Toughroad. I am sorted now had looked for wrong size, no fool like an old fool, thanks for all the help, Sparky.
PS Seems to be a great mix of commuter and touring bike surprised it is not more popular!
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How about these...

I purchased a set of the 46's for my Scott Sub Cross 10, really good quality in aluminium.. matt black, look nice.. I had to trim the stays on the front as I have front shocks..

Cost me £59 a set from Sigma Sports. They did not stock them but ordered them for me in a couple of days.


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Hi, I have the same problem. I am trying to fit both rack and mudguard to my Toughroad slr 2. What was your solution?
Thanks for that had seen them but rear fitting interferes with rack fitting, think I have found solution though, thanks again.
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