1. annedonnelly

    Vintage steel mudguards

    I had these mudguards fitted to my Dawes with 700 x 35c tyres. They're a bit of a tight fit in the frame so I've replaced them with an SKS set. I'm happy to pass them on to anyone who wants them. Either pay the postage or collect from Blyth Northumberland.
  2. S


    Two to three sets of road mudguards - two are similar to Bluemels (3 x full length 1x 3/4 length, black and complete as far as I can see (maybe need some mounting bolts), the other set are Crud catchers (road version) - I think these are also complete. All are used but in good condition. Free to...
  3. Velochris


    **Read carefully** Two sets. One set used and one new, so one set of stays are cut, the other set not. One set of new fixtures and fittings. Note the front mudguards. One has a bodged hanger, the other has been cut very short. Both front guards have mudflaps. Each rear has a hanger, one...
  4. wafter

    Free tat - mudguards, bottle cage, saddle bag, front light [GONE]

    All removed from a recent purchase. All pretty tatty but maybe someone can make use of them :smile: 1. Zefal front and rear (universal?) mudguards, apparently complete with fixings. Rear has been nibbled to fit V-brakes but they still look serviceable 2. Aluminium bottle cage, tatty and...
  5. vickster

    Crud Roadracer Mk2 mudguards BNIB

    Brand new, still boxed (although the box is a bit squashed/torn) Bought for a bike I no longer own :biggrin: Review here £14 delivered or £10 collected from Sutton SM1 Bank transfer @ray316 might be interested?
  6. R

    Mudguards for road bike

    I have a board man road bike and l’ve now had enough of getting my pants and back wet when it’s been raining and roads are still wet . So l’m looking to install some mudguards but which are the best for a road bike full or short guards and where is the best place to get them at a reasonable...
  7. S

    mudguards for cube crossrace pro 2019 model

    i have just fitted my bike with some panaracer gravel king tyres 700 x 38c. i have a 2019 cube cross race pro. the bike has blind tapped holes for the mudguard mounting points. does anyone have any suggestions for a reasobly priced full mudguard set that is suitable for the 38c tyres? many thanks
  8. roadrash

    topeak iglow defender clip on mudguards

    Topeak defender iglow clip on mudguards , with light up strip , static or flashing, these have been removed from packaging (which i no longer have) but never fitted so are as new, to fit 700c wheels . £20 cash on collection from wigan. rather not post due to possible damage
  9. vickster

    SKS Chromoplastic P35 35mm silver mudguards £9.99 collected

    Bought these earlier in the week when Planet X were flogging off for £9.99 and they aren’t going to work for any of my bikes They fit up to a 28mm tyre. Back up to £24.99 plus postage I can send them back but thought I’d...
  10. davidphilips

    Dangers of incorrectly fitted mudguards

    Just seen this picture of the damage to a frame by incorrectly fitted mudguards. Dread to think how much it would cost to repair? Have read about an incorrectly fitted front mudgaurd causing an accident when it locked up the front wheel and in my own experience have used the temporary clip on...
  11. keithmac

    Full length mudguards on MTB?.

    I've started commuting on my hybrid MTB and really it needs a set of mudguards. I can possibly get a normal one on the back but whats my options with the front?. The forks don't have any mountings. Any ideas welcome!.
  12. Onthedrops

    Defy Mudguards

    OK, I did a search as is always recommended for decent mudguards to fit my 2017 Defy Advanced 1. The results were somewhat outdated however. So. With Autumn fast approaching and the wet nastiness that comes with it. Any updated recommendations for decent mudguards to fit my Defy Advanced 1 please?
  13. Rooster1

    Another stupid idea...Using Plastic Nuts for Mudguards ?

    A few years back I learnt the hard way about the dangers of mudguards on road bikes. My Giant Defy with its Giant branded Defy Mudguards are connected by metal bolts to the frame, and a twig got into my front wheel and sent me into a 180 headbutt uphill as the mudguard was eaten up into the...
  14. a.twiddler

    Mudguards 20" preferably plastic, about 50mm wide Now Sorted

    Looking for a front mudguard as above. When your recumbent wheels are different sizes, you resign yourself to buying a pair when you need only one. Just fitted a fatter tyre to the front, original mudguard designed for a much narrower tyre is just too skinny now. Prefer silver or black, but open...
  15. brookie

    SOLD Topeak Defender TX mudguards

    Topeak Defender TX mudguards. Brand new, never been fitted to the bike. £23 including postage.
  16. Lovacott

    Mudguards For A 700x40c.

    I'm picking up my Voodoo Marasa 20" next week and I want to buy a set of mudguards. I want a proper set which wrap the wheels and have safety stays. The bike has mudguard mounts. I can find plenty for narrower tyres (road bike) but nothing much for a 40c. My budget is around £40 to £60. Any...
  17. Porsche924

    27 x 1.25 inch black full size plastic mudguards.

    Does any one have a pair of the above to sell. I require them for a Carlton Stadium.
  18. icowden

    Mudguards for small frame Cannondale Quick 5

    Hi Hive Mind, I need to get some Mudguards for my daughters new bike - a Cannondale Quick Disc 5 (ladies small frame). Any suggestions? She wants permanent ones rather than quick fix.
  19. mikeIow

    Beryl Burner Brake & mudguards!

    Slightly Sunday-morning niche question... I have a Beryl Burner brake light: nice, decent battery! Also have bontrager mudguards, which have a fitting for their lights, like this. Sadly the Beryl only has rubber “wrap round something” fittings....which doesn’t work with the mudguard. Any idea...
  20. M

    Which mudguards

    My friend has a Cannondale Synapse Disc carbon and he wants to get some full length mudguards for it There are no fender mounts on it so can anyone recommend a decent set for it.He is using Continental GP5000's on it and there seems plenty of room for them. I think the bike is a 2015 or 16 its...
  21. A

    SOLD Cannondale CAADX 54cm - Shimano 105 2016 with mudguards & extra tyres - £325

    Cannondale CAADX Shimano 105 model with additional SKS mudguards Vittoria Rubino Pro 28mm tyres fitted, also comes with Schwalbe Sammy Slick 35mm gravel tyres. Bike is in decent condition with usual scrapes and scratches Had a new replacement fork fitted last year after product recall 105...
  22. G


    Hi there What is the best mudguards to buy for the winter? I'm looking for ones that are easy to take on and off (the sort of clip on ones I think). Mudguards that would fit tyres up to 28 would be good. Thanks in advance
  23. postman


    So I joined a local cycling group last year.But never went out.They ride Sundays.I have rejoined this year and I intend to ride out next spring.They might have a mudguard policy.So I am asking what size mudguards does the 2010Specialized Secteur Elite need .I know they will be 700 but what mm.I...
  24. cougie uk

    Mudguards for Gravel bike ?

    With winter fast approaching and the rain getting far more common than I'd like - I'm going to have to get guards on the gravel bike. I've lots of clearance and currently have 38mm semi knobbly tyres on there. I do have slicks that I may go to but they're narrower. Any recommendations ...
  25. fatjel

    Rack mounts and proper mudguards on a carbon frame

    Is there a carbon frame that can accommodate full mudguards and a pannier rack ? I like my Specialized Roubaix to ride but so often take another bike if it’s raining or I have to carry anything which as I don’t drive and live in the UK is most of the time.
  26. N

    Mudguards and rack

    Hi looking for ideas. I can't seem to fit my topeak super tourist rack along with my mudguards as there is not clearance. The rack is rubbing on the guard and I need an additional 3-4 cm clearance. Topeak cs say no extenders are available and puzzlingly they also said there are very few...
  27. DSK

    Clip On Mudguards?

    Can anyone recommend me some clip on mud guards (not an ass saver) that would suit a 2013 Giant TCR? I was thinking of Crud Catcher but, I have seen some reviews elsewhere on the internet stating that they don't stay in place.
  28. M

    SORTED: SKS mudguard fittings

    I'm looking for this piece. Need two. From Bluemel U Stay mudguards. Circled in red on pic.
  29. r04DiE

    Are these for mounting mudguards?

    Hello all, Title says it all. I'd like to mount mudguards on my Giant Defy 1 Disc road bike. Is that what these holes are for or are they for something else? I was thinking maybe you screw mudguard eyes in them, but I have never fitted proper mudguards before! Thanks!
  30. L

    Mudguards for a Cannondale Topstone

    Hello I have a Cannondale Topstone RX. Took it for a very wet and muddy ride today, completely covered in gunk and I wasn't recognisable by the end of the ride. Link to bike: Does anyone have any decent...
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