1. roadrash

    raceblade clip on mudguards or similar

    Asking for a skint mate who's out of work, does anyone have any raceblade short clip on mudguards 700c 25mm tyres that they would consider selling.
  2. IBarrett

    Giant Defy 2012 and Speedshield mudguards

    Evening all. I’ve been wrestling with these ruddy mudguards for days and before admitting defeat I thought the collective might help. I have a 2012 Defy as my winter bike. It had old original Giant mudguards on until one broke recently. They were a single piece, with a metal bracket in the...
  3. Twilkes

    [SOLD] F.S. Race Blade Long clip-on mudguards

    Brand new, screws still sealed in bags but no box - bought as present a few years ago but max tyre size 25mm whereas the lowest I go to is 28mm. Perfect for winter bike or hamster ski jump. £22 inc postage.
  4. G3CWI


    I have an Orbea Gain M21. It claims to have mudguard mounts and indeed it does at the front but not at the back. I'm looking for some clip on guards suitable for a 40mm tyre. Raceblades only go up to 32mm. Any suggestions? MTB guards are not suitable as I ride with people I would like to remain...
  5. Andy in Germany

    Mudguards broken

    So I was happily pootling along through the forest on my randonneur bike, when a slight rattle from the rear of the bike became a loud clanking noise. Closer inspection showed the bracket holding my rear mudguard had snapped, leaving said mudguard flapping about in the breeze. The mudguard...
  6. J

    Mudguards rubbing

    hi all, Just got a new bike - escape 0 disc from tredz and got them to fit new mudguards on it too. SKS chromoplastics, i went for the 45 size as im on 35 tyres (guide was fits 28-37 tyres). As i got the bike i noticed the rear mudguard was slightly off centre so ive adjusted it so its the same...
  7. Paulus

    Shorty mudguards.

    £7.50. Including postage.
  8. R

    Breakaway mudguard clips on bents

    Just been reading BettySwollox sad thread about breakaway mudguard clips. Was surprised to notice last year that my otherwise well-sorted Nazca Fuego had none on the front. Fortunately I had a pair in my bits box, and set about fitting them. This was not so easy, as the left hand stays have...
  9. betty swollocks

    if you have mudguards.....

    please get breakaway clips on the front. These enable the stays to easily detach, should a twig or anything else get caught in there, which causes the front wheel to stop. My friend, did not have breakaway clips. Something got caught up, the front mudguard folded up under the fork crown causing...
  10. S

    Giant 2019 Toughroad SLR1 Mudguards.

    Hello looking for a set of mudguards for my new Giant Toughroad it seems they are hard to find, this has been edited to correct wrong sizing, thanks for all help sorted, Sparky.
  11. S

    Lack of mudguards for Giant Toughroad 2019!

    Hello I was looking for mudguards for my Toughroad. I am sorted now had looked for wrong size, no fool like an old fool, thanks for all the help, Sparky. PS Seems to be a great mix of commuter and touring bike surprised it is not more popular!
  12. SteveParry

    Carrera Subway - proper mudguards?

    I have an old ie V-brakes model and I'd like to fit some mudguards that properly cover both wheels as opposed to the mtb type that would appear to offer very little protection. Any pointers? Thanks, Steve
  13. C


    Any recommendations for clip on (easily removable) mudguards for steel racing bike? I want to be able to ride my racing bike to the pub when it is wet outside and don't want to fit permanent ones.
  14. Distorted Vision

    Problem installing SKS Full Length Chromoplastic Mudguards

    I've been able to successfully install the front mudguard. But I've encountered a problem with the rear. The mounting part of the bridge / bracket is too short for the mounting hole: Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this problem? Many thanks!
  15. M

    Cannondale quick 1 front mudguard

    Hi My son recently bought one of these and a pair of sks mudguards. The front fork has two mudguard fixing points. But they have different size threads. On inspecttion, the right hand one had a bushing insert, but the left didn't have any insert, just a threaded hole in the carbon fork...
  16. Twizit

    FREE - two sets of full SKS mudguards

    As above and pictured - free to anyone who can collect from KT10, Esher, Surrey. Used but in good order. One set has lost the rear reflector but neither are broken or split. From memory the black set will fit up to around a 28mm tyre and the silver set maybe 35mm. I'll even clean the mud off...
  17. Pumpkin the robot

    All I want are discs and mudguards.

    I am after a bike for the winter. I currently use a cheap and cheerful aluminium framed bike with a front disc that I have thrown together with bits and pieces I had in the shed. I am now looking for something that will have discs front and rear. I have looked at quite a few frames that use...
  18. EltonFrog

    Short Mudguards

    Has anyone got a pair of short mudguards similar to these that they don’t want? U.K.
  19. T675Rich

    Need advice on which mudguards will fit my bike.

    Hi This is probably really obvious but I have a few questions regarding mudguards for my new bike as I plan to commute all year round and would like to protect me and the bike from wheel spray and I was hoping to get full length guards. My bike is a Cannondale Quick CX4 which I got using a...
  20. mikeymustard

    Too early for mudguards?

    After getting a thorough soaking on the way to work Thursday I'm considering refitting the guards to my equilibrium, but it's still only August! It's not like the equi is some super sleek racing machine but it does make a difference to both the feel and noise (though the feel is probably...
  21. daisyj

    650b wheels and mudguards

    I have a Cannondale Synapse 2016, which I love and plan to swap out the 700 wheels for 650b in the New Year. Being 5ft 2", I feel this will be a better fit for me. I would like to be able to fit mudguards but am struggling to find any to fit this set up. My bike won't accept full guards. I...
  22. Tommy2

    FS: new tyres and mudguards

    New unopened 1 set of 35mm Stronglight S-type mudguards Black £15 posted New unopened x4 Vittoria Rubino 3 wired tyres, 700c 23mm blue £20 posted
  23. mangid

    Mudguards, bridge mount, grommets ?

    Mudguards snapped this morning on a particularly rough bit of A road, should have cottoned on a bit earlier in the ride, there was a slight rattle on bumps before it failed... . This is the second time it's they've failed there, get about 20K out of them. I'm guessing it's just fatigue, but...
  24. Adam4868

    Mudguards ?

    Sure it's been done to death....but I've had the crud mark 2 on my last few bikes.My latest bike (Ribble sportive) seems to be too tight a clearance, especially at the back under the brake.So was looking at SKS or similar but any idea which ones ? I quite like the idea that there easily...
  25. W

    fitting mudguards

    i would like to fit some mudguards to my pashley urban but have no chainstay bridge just a bolt either side on the underside. is it possible to fit any????
  26. U

    do i need mudguards on this?

    replaced my bike with an almost identical one (just 2018 version instead of 2015) following a crash last autumn. the guys in evans said they couldn't get my old mud guards onto the new bike....must have been a bit damaged. Will the pannier rack protect me enough? I commute on canal towpath...
  27. C

    Mudguards for a 'gravel' bike.

    Morning all, Having been put off road riding a bit by the high percentage of rides with far too close calls I've moved to using my cross/gravel/skinnyknobblymudbike more. As much as I love going out and getting covered head to toe in this fair isles finest mud and agricultural poop, if you're...
  28. BSOh

    Help - bike with 650a wheels

    Hi all Being so short, I ride a junior cx bike which has 650a wheels (currently with 37mm Schwalbe delta cruisers - one of the limited selection I can get for this size wheel). This wheel-size I think is not common (same as the old English 3 speed?). My first question is mudguards - does...
  29. mybike

    Mudguards & tyre size.

    Has anyone fitted an SKS 35mm mudguard to a bike with 700x35c tyres? If so did it work or do I need to send them back and get the right size?
  30. G


    Hi there I’m thinking of getting SKS Raceblade Pro mudguards for my road bike (the ones that clip on and clip off) – any good or is there a good alternative? Also, what size is best for my requirements? I have Continental 4Season 700x25 on my BMC carbon road bike and Continental Gatorskin...
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