Dangers of incorrectly fitted mudguards


Just seen this picture of the damage to a frame by incorrectly fitted mudguards. Dread to think how much it would cost to repair?

Have read about an incorrectly fitted front mudgaurd causing an accident when it locked up the front wheel and in my own experience have used the temporary clip on mudguards and after a winters use found that the spray had destroyed my headset, live and learn.

Any one else had problems with mudguards?


Is that a carbon frame . It lacks a seatstay bridge which you need to mount propet mudguards.
SKS chromoplastic guards are bolt on and have a safety release clip at the front, which works. If your bike is not setup to take bolt on mudguards, you need to change your bike or bodge some clip on guards using rubber bands, zip ties or clamps, with the above results.

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I fitted guards to my old best bike. Clearance was very limited and sure enough I caught the front guard with my foot at low speed turning.
Guard then caught up on the tyre and crumpled, stopping the wheel and throwing me off.

Quick release safety clips weren't a thing then.

It's much better now with disc brakes and the trend for ultra close clearances has gone away a bit.
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