SOLD Cannondale CAADX 54cm - Shimano 105 2016 with mudguards & extra tyres - £325

ade towell

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Cannondale CAADX Shimano 105 model with additional SKS mudguards
Vittoria Rubino Pro 28mm tyres fitted, also comes with Schwalbe Sammy Slick 35mm gravel tyres.

Bike is in decent condition with usual scrapes and scratches

Had a new replacement fork fitted last year after product recall

105 medium derailleur fitted, could probably do with new brake pads, chain and cassette (Shimano 105 11-32)
46/36 chain rings
Back wheel has had a couple of spokes replaced and may need cones replacing

Bank transfer and local pick up in Nottingham preferred


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That's a good deal - I paid £500-odd on ebay for mine...

You forgot to mention the size of the bike!

Is that a replacement fork? It might not apply to your CAADX, but there is a fork recall notice in operation - mine needs doing replacing. Cannondale will pay for it to be done, if it needs it.

ade towell

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Eek I always forget something and yes is the replacement fork - will amend, thanks for the heads up. Back wheel needs some attention hence the low price, you think it's too low? Asking for a friend :rolleyes:

The Rover

I’m going to be selling a 51cm Tiagra version shortly and have been looking at prices, I’d suggest yours is £150 too cheap even allowing for the rear wheel.


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Seeing as the CX season is on now (although on hold due to restrictions) there are lots looking for cx bikes to race or just use as a winter bike.
Would agree this went on the cheap side, where your Ti bike is on the expensive side.
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