1. DSK

    Cannondale CAAD-13 disc 105 upgrade to Di2

    I've just had a Cannondale CAAD-13 105 disc delivered from Broadribb Cycles. I really liked my old 2010 Trek aluminium bike and wanted another despite being very happy with the carbon Giant bikes. The CAAD-13 sounded like its right up my street. The price of the 2021 model has jumped quite a...
  2. icowden

    Mudguards for small frame Cannondale Quick 5

    Hi Hive Mind, I need to get some Mudguards for my daughters new bike - a Cannondale Quick Disc 5 (ladies small frame). Any suggestions? She wants permanent ones rather than quick fix.
  3. cheshirerob

    cannondale synapse 2020 freehub

    Evening All, Looking for some advice please, long story short, when I was last cycling I heard some grinding and knocking sounds, located the noises from the bearing inside the freehub. Ive stripped the wheel down tonight, but the only option to remove the freehub is from the non drive side, I...
  4. Daninplymouth

    Cannondale carbon synapse disc 105 58cm

    2020 model, less than 5months use. Had frame protectors fitted from new so excellent condition. Not sure what to put it up at, no one has any stock and the last I seen more wasn’t available until July 2021. Was thinking £1900 or I could throw in my upgraded dcr wheels and tyres (£600 cost) for...
  5. S

    Cannondale Synapse 51cm NOW SOLD mods please close.

    NOW SOLD mods please close. I have an older but pristine, Cannondale Synapse for sale, offering it up for sale here first to see if there is any interest. Update 21-30 (Sunday) now advertised elsewhere. Black 51cm frame size - dates back to 2013 but as can be seen, when I bought it that it had...
  6. F

    Cannondale Topstone

    Looking at touring next year looking for advice on a bike Topstone looks nice are they any good?
  7. S

    bikes, frames for sale on Ebay Cannondale Made in USA

    Just a heads up I've got a number of items for sale on fleabay- mainly Cannondale Made in USA frames, bikes etc. and a titanium bike later on. I have advertised stuff on here without much success in the past, hence giving Ebay a whirl, but if anyone is interested please let me know as I'd...
  8. LJR69

    Cannondale Topstone owners with BB30

    I've only done about 600 miles on my Topstone but when washing the bike today I noticed this for the first time. It might have always been like that, but I can't recall. Is this normal? Thanks!
  9. A

    SOLD Cannondale CAADX 54cm - Shimano 105 2016 with mudguards & extra tyres - £325

    Cannondale CAADX Shimano 105 model with additional SKS mudguards Vittoria Rubino Pro 28mm tyres fitted, also comes with Schwalbe Sammy Slick 35mm gravel tyres. Bike is in decent condition with usual scrapes and scratches Had a new replacement fork fitted last year after product recall 105...
  10. L

    Gravel Kings 700 x 43c tyres on Cannondale Topstone RX

    I am looking to max out the tyre width for my Cannondale Topstone. It currently has the stock WTB Riddler 37cs with plenty of room. I'm also aware that Cannondale Topstone have an advertised max tyre width of 40c though they also say that this has loads of additional clearance. But I am always...
  11. wafter

    Tubeless compatability and other Qs about Maddux RD2.0 wheels as fitted to the Cannondale Caad13..

    I'm looking for a second wheelset for my CdF so I can swap between slicks and knobblies. I'm tight and happy with the OEM wheels (Jalco 240D, 19c, 32h, TLR) but can't find any of these. I have found a pair of Maddux RD2.0s (which I believe come from the same company and are fitted as standard...
  12. stoatsngroats

    Cannondale SL2 29er SOLD

    This is my bike, now replaced, so will be advertised soon, here and elsewhere. This is a 2-10 Deore/SLX setup, with odd hydraulic brakes, 1 Magura recently replaced with a Shimano Hydraulic. A front Rockshox suspension, but pretty light, it has a rear rack, and has seen some mileage across the...
  13. Milkfloat

    Cannondale Synapse 58cm - SOLD

    I just bought a new bike, so my one in one out policy has kicked in. It is up on eBay, but I am happy to see it go to a fellow forumite.
  14. A

    Re Removal of battery on Cannondale synapse Neo 1 for charging.

    I have just removed my battery on my Neo 1 to see if there were any charging indicator lights on the battery itself. There inside at the bottom. That's fine. However to remove the battery in the first place I had to unscrew the bottle cage on the seat tube. The battery being a solid and...
  15. T

    Low groupset with Cannondale or high groupset with Norco

    Now that I understand group set little bit more but not fully 😊 If I have a choice between Cannondale Sora ($1400) Cannondale Tiagra ($1750) Norco Valence 105 ($1700) Giant defy advanced 2 ($2600 way above my budget but maybe worthed) Cyclechat gurus, for a first bike owner which one is the...
  16. jay clock

    FOR SALE Cannondale F1000SL mtb with Headshok - ultra light - size medium

    Cannondale F1000SL 2004 - size Medium I have owned this since new and estimate it has done max 2000 miles in 16 years. I mostly do road and touring, and this has done about 100 miles in the last 10 years, and stored in a dry shed. Supposedly one of the lightest mtbs ever made. Very high spec...
  17. LJR69

    Cannondale Topstone rocking rear wheel

    I have Topstone 105 Carbon and when I apply the rear brake while stationary I can rock the rear wheel to-and-fro by a small amount (unlike the front wheel which is rock solid and doesn't move at all). I've had the bike just 3 weeks and only done around 100 miles on it. I'm cycling again for the...
  18. jamin100

    Cannondale Supersix Evo frameset and Cannondale (hollowgram) si crankset

    Cannondale Supersix Evo Carbon frame and forks Size 54cm I’ve owned this from new but it’s no longer needed Full carbon frame and forks. Internally routed rear brake cable holes Some marks on the frame as can be seen in the photos but no cracks or significant damage. Worst is probably where...
  19. plastic_cyclist

    Rate this Cannondale...

    Is this a good deal ? My hometown, so if, maybe and but....I could get someone to nab it for me.... Im not desperate for a new bike as my Tricross is doing okay, but...
  20. G

    Bike #2 - Cannondale CAAD13?

    Thinking of grabbing a second bike (well why wouldn't you!?) I currently have a Boardman AiR 9.0 Elite (2012) full carbon. Great bike for the finer weather. However, I'm not sure I feel good about putting it through it's paces in the cold, dark wet days around the corner. Any thoughts on how a...
  21. T

    NOW SOLD. Ladies 2019 51cm Cannondale Synapse 105 disc

    Have decided to sell my little used Cannondale Synapse as it was bought to do C2C charity ride this May which obviously isn't happening now. Bought last September and has been kept in house. 22 gears and mechanical disc brakes. In excellent condition. All receipts etc. Can view and try...
  22. L

    Mudguards for a Cannondale Topstone

    Hello I have a Cannondale Topstone RX. Took it for a very wet and muddy ride today, completely covered in gunk and I wasn't recognisable by the end of the ride. Link to bike: Does anyone have any decent...
  23. AWM6

    [SOLD] Cannondale CAAD 9 Road Bike 54cm Aluminium Frame with Carbon Forks A1 Condition

    Reluctant sale but need to free up space... still not 100% sure I want to sell this was my first ever road bike and rides as well as the day I bought it. Available on eBay until Saturday night... collection from Rickmansworth (WD3)...
  24. N

    2 cannondale Rohloff going cheap on Ebay

    Was tempted to buy the more expensive one as it includes postage. Then resell in the summer. Not a fan of cannondale bad boy although the one I had was Shimano 11 speed. I dont know what the bloke selling the cheaper one is burbling about. Anyway good prices...
  25. Twilkes

    Upgrading Cannondale Optimo wheels

    Looking to see what is a worthwhile upgrade for the RD30 wheels on this bike. I'm 95kg so need something fairly sturdy but the lighter the better else there's not much point in moving away from the stock ones. It comes with 36 spoke rear and 32 front, should I stick with that? Disc brakes, if...
  26. A

    **Sold** Cannondale Super X carbon Ultegra (54cm), Mavic Aksium (2 sets)

    OK... N+1 has been reached & breached (according to swmbo). I want a new bike and have been told that's not happening until at least one goes (keep an eye out!) - First up is my foray into cyclocross: Frame SuperX Disc, BallisTec Carbon, SPEED SAVE, BB30 Fork SuperX Disc, BallisTec Carbon...
  27. BigTam

    Cannondale Synapse carbon Disc Ultergra Di2 (SOLD)

    Selling my Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc Ultra Di2, 2017 model, size 54cm, but has only done a couple of hundred miles, due to me having an ACL and meniscus injury and subsequent op. I am back cycling but using my BMC cross. I have upgraded the wheels to Kysirium Elite Disc, these too are...
  28. gareth01244

    Cannondale Synapse Hi Mod Disc 56cm now £395

    I have for sale my Synapse, its in great condition with just a couple of marks to the paint near the dropouts that dont spoil its appearance, it has the following extras Shimano R685 hydraulic shifters with calipers( just had new pads) FSA SLK 100mm stem FSA SLK 25.4 carbon seatpost 42cm wide...
  29. tom73

    Cannondale launch "the ultimate grab and go bike" Not for me they don't.
  30. 12boy

    Help dating a Cannondale mtn bike

    I have a M400 3.8 series cannondale mtn bike, mostly stock, with date letters under the BB of EC, which I understand means it was made May 93. Looking in a 93 catalog I see 3.0 series only. This bike has a level top tube, altus front and rear derailleurs, Deore shifters and a steel seatpost...
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