Cannondale headshok dd60 service


Hello all.

Picked up a 97 Cannondale Super V 700 with a dd60 headshok. Headshok moves smoothly but has no resistance. Any ideas on parts I may need to order before I open it up?

LBS isn't great and no cannondale dealers here. Thanks!


Flouncing Nobber
Not my favourite suspension system, to put it mildly.

Google "Sheldon Brown Cannondale Headshock Service", and you should find a page with a dealer PDF guide.


Eh up
I ran a Headshock for a while, got some seals etc from Qwerty Cycles , don't know if they still do them, a short bit of inner tube sealed at both ends is handy to inflate and hold the bearings in place, an adjustable peg spanner or similar is needed, and I made a tubular castellated spanner, not too bad to work on if your confident, I liked the bike it was a flying machine on gravel tracks etc, I reduced the the travel to get the Schrader valve out of the way so I could fit 700c wheels, it would normally run 26, there was one for sale on here last year that I considered, I still keep a look out for a decent hardtail with a Headshock but parts are getting harder to source, USA is probably the best bet.
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