last day at work for a while


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just come back to work after having a weeks hols around home , and we are of again sat 04/08 crack of dawn to Burnham on sea .

been told by other alf that all packed and nows it my job to squeeze it all in to the car !

the racks fitted to car ready to accept chosen steads for a weeks worth of pootling about on , doubt either will do more than 20 miles all week but its part of helping the daughter and her keep fitter routine !


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South Manchester
Have fun - it's not about the miles when riding with family. We very often take all the bikes down to North Wales to the in-laws caravan, but if the weather is bad, or really windy, we'll not bother riding - me and my son would be fine, but my wife and daughter just don't enjoy cycling in bad weather - so the bikes come home un-used some times.

Nice to have a good pootle though.
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