Lazy Sunday mornings….

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Up until now we’ve either been out in the camper lure-coursing, visiting family or decorating and preparing the house for sale.

Today, we have nothing on the agenda apart from food (slow cooked pot roast Silverside) and walking the dogs. Yes, we have other chores that may or may not get done….

So, lie-in, quick wee-walk for the mutts, eggs and bacon, real coffee and-an alcoholic beverage. Now, we’re working in reducing our consumption, usually a Spanish Brandy in the cofee or alongside with Ginger wine. This morning we had to improvise. We’ve had some sweet Asti hanging around a while so…

We’re chilled in the lounge, reading the papers, listening to Miles Davis and now Palestrina with espressos and a large glass of Brandy and sweet Asti…. It’s a game-changer :-)

What’s your lazy Sunday?



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South Manchester
Currently sat with a dead arm as Leo has plonked himself on my arm. Just had to move him as I'll have a wander to Decathlon. Stir fry beef for tea.


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South East
Sunday morning relaxing is rare for us, but we’ve just finished a small breakfast of coffee and toast.
Lunch is ready to cook, a typical roast as we’ve not had one for many months, and then a relax this afternoon and evening, maybe even catching the NFL at 6pm, before planning to be back at work tomorrow.
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Started week 2 of couch to 5K, trying to get to grips with Spanish, not very well :wacko:
Slow cook tomato sauce to make later.


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There is no such thing as lazy Sunday morning in this house as every day is Sunday for us. We get up usually between 8 and 9 , have a leisurely breakfast, take Molly for a walk and the rest of the day is ours to do what we want to do. :okay:
The joys of being really old ;)


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pishing it down so wimped out of the club ride ( reynauds ) so went to visit mum , x mas cake and coffee :smile: followed by being on time for a change for sunday dinner so fresh out of the oven rather than nuked beef roast .
I will continue with decorating once the post meal feeling wears off
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