LBSs in Poole, Dorset?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by HF2300, 20 Jun 2008.

  1. HF2300

    HF2300 Insanity Prawn Boy

    Hi All, been shopping for my first bike in <cough> years and it's become clear that I'm shopping for a good LBS as much as a bike.

    Wondered if anyone had any more detail on bike shops in Poole than offered in the LBS Recommendations thread - particularly form the point of view of expertise, fitting, after sales service, workshop competence etc.?

    I've been to Ride, Primera (Poole), Cycle Paths, Bikelab, Longham Cycles; have my own opinions to a certain extent but perhaps I'll hold on those for the moment.

    All information gratefully received - thanks.

    Admin, wasn't sure if I should keep this separate from the LBS thread or not - please move if appropriate!
  2. Moonlight

    Moonlight New Member

    Hey HF2300,

    Glad to find another person from Poole.

    Bikelab has great service and top quality everything. The only trouble is that many of the products are branded. For example, thier entry road bike is £475 worth of Scott, a very good bike but you can gain a very simular spec Giant from Cycle Paths for £350.

    My current personal preference is cycle paths to get a balence between quality and price.

    Also, you may want to try Cycle Experience in Christchurch (, they are doing some great deals of decent first bikes (Raleigh, Dawes etc). I'm not sure of thier after sale service though.

    If I even have a complex cycling question, I always put it to the guys in Bikelab and they always sort me out. I usually find myself buy whatever I need in cycle paths though.

    Hope some of that helped.

    Feel free to contact me about any local info =]
  3. OP

    HF2300 Insanity Prawn Boy

    Hi Moonlight, I think your experience is the opposite of mine! I went into Bikelab (after work, in my overalls, but it shouldn't make a difference) and they didn't seem interested in serving me! I think you're right about their price range though...

    The people I've found most helpful in terms of information, test rides etc. have been Ride and Primera (the one in Parkstone - haven't been to the Charminster branch), followed by Hub. Of the bikes I've ridden, there are several that I think I'd enjoy riding of various makes, so set-up, after sales and competence of workshop become a deciding factor.

    Cycle Paths were friendly but the attitude seemed to be rather 'this has lots of bits on for the price'. The impression was perhaps of a more competent Halfords; go in, pick up a good value bike, don't expect a test ride, don't expect a detailed set-up.

    Longham Cycles I went in, tried for 15 minutes to get the sales staff to look up from their copies of the Sun, then got recommended what seemed to be obviously not the bike I was asking for!

    I notice there are a couple more local-ish riders who've commented in the LBS thread, so maybe they'll have some thoughts.
  4. simonali

    simonali Guru

    I like bikelab, but haven't been in there for a while. Of the 2 Primeras (which are both good) the Charminster Road shop is the bigger and is more road orientated, whereas the Poole one is more for your hybrid/MTB crowd. Parking is easier at the Poole branch, though!

    There's also another shop along the road from Primera, but the name escapes me, something like Cycle Works? It's on the A35 in Parkstone anyhoo!
  5. luplowe

    luplowe New Member

    I spent a week or so touring the bournemouth/poole bike shops and primera charminster rd was about the only one that had a good selection of road bikes out on display which is nice when u havnt been near a bike for a few years .. you cant move in there for bikes and stuff there is allways people in n out .. just as a bike shop should be .. all the rest of gone wierd more like internet cafes some of em alll they got is a brochure and an internet connection..

  6. OP

    HF2300 Insanity Prawn Boy

    Towards Poole it's Ride, in Ashley Cross; towards Bournemouth there's Bikes of Branksome, near the railway station; they're more low-end, I think.

    I think Primera Charminster also have stuff they can't deal in Poole because of exclusivity agreements (Scott, Marin).

    No-one know what any of these guys are like for set-up / fit / spannerwork?
  7. Moonlight

    Moonlight New Member

    Haven't been to either Primera yet, I must go and look. I know what you mean about Cycle Paths, you really have to make sure you talk to the right staff. One of them knows nothing, but another knows quite a bit, and has given me some good advice.
  8. simonali

    simonali Guru

    That's possible, as bikelab sell both those makes and I remember seeing a Marin or 2 in the Poole Primera that were awaiting customer pick-up. They don't advertise that they sell Scotts, though?
  9. roadiewill

    roadiewill New Member

    I went to the Primera in Christchurch, just outside of B'muff last week. Its a real good shop, just be wary - there are plenty of drool worthy bikes within touching distance. :smile:
  10. jashburnham

    jashburnham New Member

    Never been to Primera but had several long convos with a fella there (Chris I think) last year when I was looking at buying my Pinarello and they were extremely helpful and very knowledgeable - excellent mail order service as well.
  11. OP

    HF2300 Insanity Prawn Boy

    Yep, fair cop, that was just my dodgy memory. Just Marins
  12. john28july

    john28july Guest

    Primera are about the best in the area if not the best, in my opinion.
    Also the bike shop down Commercial Road near Ashley Cross could be considered, but Primera over in Charminster take the laurels.
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