leg massage leads to relief...

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by kedab, 8 Aug 2012.

  1. kedab

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    nr cambridge
    get your minds out of the gutter CC'ers :angel:

    i just this minute sat down and noticed again that my legs still feel a bit tight even after the wife, begrudgingly, gave me a leg massage the night before last...i'd been out on the new bike for a few miles more than usual and my quads had really tightened up on me even after warming down and having a bath...my god the relief, the pleasure, the sweet, exquisite ecstasy of pain as she pushed the knots out of my legs! :surrender: i was laughing and crying all at the same time...it was amazeballs ^_^
  2. Garz

    Garz Squat Member

    Be careful.. my wife is about as sympathetic as a rock and her massage technique could do more harm than good as she's rougher than a bears arse!
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  3. Octet

    Octet Über Member

    Haha! I'm sure she says the same about you :laugh:
  4. Kiwiavenger

    Kiwiavenger im a little tea pot

    My mum is almost a fully qualified Thai and Swiss masseuse and it was a godsend having her there after my first 100 kms on my ride to lands end!!

    When im in pain I giggle like a little school girl and I was in floods of tears from the laughter!!! Lol.

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