LEJOG 2017 - looking for ride companion/s preferably August -September time

Discussion in 'Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG)' started by Roberts89, 2 Feb 2017.

  1. Roberts89

    Roberts89 New Member

    I will keep it brief.

    Looking to do LEJOG sometime in 2017 preferably August -September time.
    Although I have done some researching into planned stops and routes , my main source or guidance and planning will be utilizing the latest Cicerone route book.

    I am a active 28 year old male. Get out on my road bike as often as I can and cover about 30-50 mile routes. Under no illusions that this will be challenging and albeit I will need to do some more planning before I begin I do have a good idea of the route , gear etc
    15 day time scale but that can be altered.

    Love the idea of doing it alone but in all honesty I would prefer to undertake this challenge with a fellow cyclist/s.

    If anyone is in the same position and is keen for a shot at it, feel free to comment
  2. Douggie954

    Douggie954 Well-Known Member

    Good luck I hope you find someone. I fancy doing it again sometime but not this year as have already booked my summer tour.
  3. Good luck.

    I never really enjoy riding alone, I like to share the experiences, good and bad.

    So I get it.

    I did my lejog as an organised event and still see my fellow riders two years later as mates. We have gone on to ride l2p and other big rides.

    Cycle buddies are good to have.
  4. Ice2911

    Ice2911 Über Member

    I'm hopefully heading off middle late June, probably too early for you? I Have someone who might be joining me through this forum, but if it fits your plans I'm happy to discuss.
  5. OP

    Roberts89 New Member

    Thank you for the comments and best wishes ! ^_^

    Ice2911 - thank you :okay: . As it stands now I am pretty easy with dates etc , but I am waiting some news from work that may dictate when I can do it ( August-Sept ) however. If it is alright with you then I may message you to discuss in the next few weeks.
  6. Ice2911

    Ice2911 Über Member

    No problem, whatever happens enjoy it, think we are in similar boats with the preparation.
  7. sultzer

    sultzer Active Member

    i am doing the jogle in may , and i am 50 a bit on the plump side , unsupported
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  8. Are you camping, hostels, hotels, b&bs?

    It makes a difference.
  9. albal

    albal Veteran

    Thinking of starting from LE sometime in May, solo unsupported and back to LE.

    Slight change of plan, doing Round Britain from home May 28. 2017.
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  10. gary mac

    gary mac Active Member

    East Kilbride
    I'm hoping to do it in June or July , using B&B's , fingers crossed .
  11. Lpoolck

    Lpoolck Über Member

    I am looking to do it August using YHA Hostels and B&B's
  12. sultzer

    sultzer Active Member

    doing the jogle in may and trying to book yha is a nightmare being booked out on my dates on the route we picked but hey always a tent
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  13. Ice2911

    Ice2911 Über Member

    I would be interested in your route. When in May are you planning to go?
  14. toffee

    toffee Über Member

    Starting in July finishing in August
  15. Samd0106

    Samd0106 New Member


    Are you still looking for someone to do lejog with??

    I'm keen to do it, but like you, I'd rather have someone for company.

    I'm 23 and try and get out for 50 or so miles a week. I'm flexible on dates and looking to complete it within 14 days.

    Let me know your thoughts!

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